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Life gives me glasses. Oh, pour me. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Life gives me glasses. Oh, pour me.
My first travel day in over a week- full of long, and mostly empty of accomplishment. Yet I'm determined to focus on the good that fell in the bottom of the glass, even if it didn't make it to the half-full point.

Two different clients disappointed me greatly today- in two different ways. One through indifference, one through outright arrogance.  The jury's still out on how permanent the bad news is, or how long I'll be in difficult arrangements with these guys. For now, though, it looks like I can weather the financial storm coming from their actions and inactions.

Another client blew off a near-last-minute deadline, forcing me to spend a large chunk of the day playing errand boy, putting a good chunk of my own money at risk to avoid additional stress over the next two days. The guy in question has long been a decent soul when pressed, though, and I'm optimistic that he'll come through by week's end.

The final thing I hoped to accomplish today was a repair of the bed-shitting laptop. I got to my guru's around 11 while he was playing with his DroneCam. He tried a couple of quick switchouts for the display, neither of which worked. Finally, he tired of futzing with an almost 7-year-old Piece of Vista and, in five minutes flat, had my hard drive switched into and booted on an Acer laptop designed for Windows 7.  It was a beautiful thing, at least until it started prompting for the 300 Vista drivers it would need. By day's end, he asked if I was OK with him just upping it to 7, and I readily agreed (also ensuring that it will likely get one of the free upgrades to Windows There Is No 9 Only Zuul 10 that Microsoft has promised).  I should have it back Wednesday, barely missing a beat on account of whatever Vistupidity caused the screen to fail.

I then drove home through the same Twilight Zone of winter roadways I encountered on the trip out: some roads were in perfect shape, while others looked like they hadn't seen a plow in a week.  Fortunately, the final more-than-half of the drive home was on the 90 and was quick and clean.  The final drops of half-full fell in my glass at the very end: I had to return a Redbox to Wegmans, and stopped in for cat fud, some Greek yogurts, and a few other things- more than the 7-item express limit. I found a register with only one customer's stuff on the belt, who had maybe five more items than I did. I don't know if she sensed my stress or was just being randomly kind, but she let me jump the queue and get cashed out ahead of her. It was a genuinely nice moment I will try to replicate sometime in the coming days- which, hope, will be somewhat less of an overall pain in the glass.
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