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Tank you, tank you vermush.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Tank you, tank you vermush....
Today was the first day of the rest of our franchise.

You may have heard (or read, here) about our hockey team's stragedy for improving itself in the long run. It's called "sucking."  By falling to the bottom of the NHL standings, they have a 20 percent chance of selecting their choice of the two "generational" talents coming into the league next season, and a 100 percent chance of getting one of the two.  Most of the recent Stanley Cup champions have gone about the business of building their rosters in this way, if not perhaps as obviously.  To assist in the sucking, Buffalo has jettisoned virtually every player it would have lost to free agency before their contracts expire, gaining prospects and draft picks in return.

That was last season, and to a lesser extent the previous one. Today, the other skate dropped for the first time.

Evander Kane is a talented offensive player now exiled to Winnipeg, a top-five overall draft pick when his team played in Atlanta.  He's had recent issues with teammates and coaches, and is now awaiting season-ending surgery. So he was a perfect candidate for the Sabres to trade for, since he won't help them on the ice this season but will be under contract for the next three seasons with a change of scenery that can only help him.

He was part of a package deal that also gave Winnipeg a once-highly drafted (and touted) defenseman, a "rental" player from our team's last playoff run (which I think was in 1897;), a couple of prospects, the lowest of the Sabres' THREE first round draft picks this June, and a partridge in a Tim Hortons shop.  The Jets tossed back a comparable defenseman and a prospect goalie in addition to Kane.

Speaking of goalies, our GM wasn't done. He then traded the team's #1 netminder to Dallas even up for another goaltender; ours had been playing well of late (can't have THAT) and his contract expires this summer, so we got something in return for him.

More moves may follow, but none, yet, shows any risk of improving the team over the remaining 27 games. Buffalo is idle until Sunday, while its closest competition for the Rock Bottom of the standings plays two in that time against substandard competition (including Ottawa, who barely beat us last night and who I will get to heckle in person on Long Island next month).  I fully expect we'll have clinched the booby prize by then, so I should be able to root for the Islanders with a clear conscience.
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