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Release Me.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Release Me....
I spent decent portions of the past couple of days looking for things that don't exist.

Well, they do- but we can't have them. At least not yet. And it's all based on last-century thinking and marketing.

We adore a Canadian jazz musician named Elizabeth Shepherd. Eleanor asked after her most recent album, which has gotten rave reviews. I've seen some, in fact, on her website:


I found the bottom review the funniest, because, of course, everything's cool in Winnipeg in the wintertime;) Still, it boggles how an album can be one of the "top 10" of a year when it still can't be purchased until the following year.  We checked with stores, sites and even Elizabeth herself, to no avail- yet.  When artists and songwriters complain about piracy and the unfairness of models that don't compensate them fairly for their creative talents, I get frustrated when here I am, WANTING to pay them for their talents, and their label, or network, or some other gatekeeper says, No creative talent for you!

Earlier today, I made the same mistake again. A day or so ago, World Cafe played some of Mark Knopfler's new album. It seemed a nice idea for a last-minute Valentine, so I made a Barnes and Noble stop on my rounds of the day and discovered, no, it's more a St. Patrick's Day gift. Even though David had it, played it, promoted it? We no can has it until March 17th. (But boy would dude in the record department like to pre-order it for me.)

These limitations strike me as silly in a world where music (and other media) can't be held back by embargoes and shipments of vinyl- and- -magnetic-tape vessels anymore. It's especially frustrating when these corporate media moguls roll out their products in different countries on different dates: what did France or the UK do to rate a January release of Signal when we're still stuck waiting for it until....

Last September?!?

Oh. That's very different. (And the album is downloaded, Eleanor;)  So while the point remains the same, at least in this case,....

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