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Holding on for his dear falafel.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Holding on for his dear falafel....
The schadenfreude is strong with this one.

The right wing of this country tilted so far to one side, cheering Brian Williams's suspension in disgrace, that it quite possibly caused the climate imbalance that's giving us prolonged below-zero-F temperatures while Anchorage and Vancouver are balmy.  Now it's repeating on one of their heroes, and it's a pass-the-popcorn moment watching the squirming among him and his minions.

Fox News's no-spin-erama master Bill O'Reilly got called out for the same exaggeration of his wartime reporting as Williams's revelations from the days of the Iraq War.  Bill-O's fibs cover his 1980s CBS reporting days; he claimed to have reported under great danger from the Falklands, but all anybody remembers is that he covered protests OF that war back in Buenos Aires.

Unlike the NBC anchor, who first admitted to "conflating" the events and ultimately showed contrition in agreeing to his six-month staycation, both Fox and its Sucker are fighting fire with far more fire than Falafel Boy ever actually saw in a war zone.  He referred to the Mother Jones reporter who broke the story as a "guttersnipe," threatened a Times reporter for questioning his combat cred, and did a heartwarming rendition of "Poor Poor Pitiful Me" on his own show last night in which he doubled down on everything and name-called everyone who dared get in his way.

Comment trolls on articles all over the spectrum are defending him. "He does opinion, not news." (Facts are essential to both, as is getting them right.)  "They're out to get him in retaliation for Williams." (NBC still outviews his tripe by millions every night.) But most are mindless hurls of invective at "libtards" and whatever other insults the filtering software lets them get away with.

Now other documentable lies about Bill-O are coming out from all over the place. Just don't expect to hear about them on any of the Usual Suspect sources of wackadoodlery.


Before this broke, I was actually coming round to a better understanding of how Brian Williams got to his own bad place- because I've recalled a story which I apparently have gotten just as wrong myself for years.

My original law firm represented a Rochester nightclub and its owner. It was small but respected for the caliber of the national acts he brought in. One of them was U2, on their first tour of the country in the early 1980s. I distinctly remember the owner telling the story, and me repeating many times, about how Bono and the boys never got to take the stage that night. Because, as I told dozens of people over the years, "Jeff threw U2 out of the bar because Bono was rude."

Great punchline. Bad karma coming back on him, considering. The club eventually folded (Jeff told me, later on, that for the money he'd lose on booking the Neville Brothers, he could fly to New Orleans and see them there for a night and not have to work a lick for it), but it has many who fondly remember it. Enough for the local paper to have done a Whatever Happened To piece about it last June; sorry for the stupid survey in that link:

A little-known band named U2 was scheduled to perform at the Red Creek in the early 1980s but never played. "The stage was set and they were in the parking lot.... I had an ethical disagreement with their manager. He wanted to have everybody out for a sound check. I was sticking up for my regular customers. They said "See ya" and went back to their hotel and played pinball.

It's just as valid a story- maybe, from the owner's point of view, even more noble, since it was not a snap-reaction to a single line but an act of looking out for the clientele.  But it's different- and if I'd included it in something of record (like here, which I can't find a record of but I may have), I'd be embarrassed now that I know the story is different. But is it? Did my recollection of the telling change, or did the owner's? Without the inkiness of the Internet (and even THAT is more ephemeral than you might think), it's hard to tell whether I, or the onetime client, or Brian, or even Bill-O, is telling "truth" or not.

But if he's going to take the sewer route rather than the high road, I'm going to have a marvelous time making fun of him over it, just as Williams has been meme'd to death this month over his indiscretion:


No wonder he takes the War on Christmas so personally;)
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oxymoron67 From: oxymoron67 Date: February 26th, 2015 03:00 am (UTC) (Link)
This has been totally fascinating to watch.
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