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Crazy Like a Jamie Foxx:P - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Crazy Like a Jamie Foxx:P
J-Fo's character in Amazing Spider-Man 2: Electric Boogaloo is about as memorable as the entire two-picture reboot that is itself about to be rebooted. He played a mild-mannered maintenance type at Oscorp who got zapped and turned into Electro, the gigawatt-sucking villain.

I can relate. All day today, it has seemed, every piece of technology I own which depends on current has been in need of Depends as they've repeatedly shat their respective beds.  First thing today, I discovered my phone had died in the night despite being plugged into its charger. I switched cords and it charged- until just now. (It also didn't help that I left it in my car in 10-15F temperature.)

Next, Eleanor asked me to send a fax to a doctor's office. I've made quite clear the disdain I have for this particular piece of equipment, but we had no email address to scan to and so I tried. Repeatedly.   She finally got through to them, but no thanks to the dits and dahs going through the fancy-ass fiber-optic wire.

My new(ish) backup laptop also went on electron strike several times today. It seemed to work originally with all the Toshiba adapters we had strewn around this place, which both worked interchangeably with the predecessor Vista unit and this Windows 8 one. Now, though, it seems that nothing works with the "new" one except the one power supply that actually came with it.

I barely want to mention my Ratty Old Tablet, since it stopped charging a week ago but magically seemed to come back to life once I got back from NYC. Today, not so much. Only my newer tablet and this laptop have somehow gone the entire day without a power issue.

On the other hand, we got the washer repaired yesterday- by a nice guy from a company that still kicks it old-school, including recording the credit card for the charge (see what I did there?) by rubbing a pencil over the raised numbers on the card. He did mention, though, that his company is considering getting them iPads in the near future.

My spider-sense is tingling, saying that's a bad idea. Or maybe, with all these chargers coming and going, I've just stuck my finger in an electrical socket:P
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ellettra From: ellettra Date: March 1st, 2015 01:40 am (UTC) (Link)
Hahahaha, I laughed at the whole credit card thing. Man, that is just classic.

Conversely, yesterday a girl came to my door shilling for donations to our local NPR station... which I gave up listening to because they do fund-drives about every three months and they last 10-14 days. I am not exaggerating. Also, the announcers make me crazy, so I switched to listening to the station out of Seattle. ANYway, there was no way I was giving her any money, even aside from the fact that I hate her employer, because money at the door is not a thing I do. So I told her that I preferred to do it online myself, and from under her clipboard she whips out an iPad, all cued up and ready for me to make my donation online. She included in her spiel a bit about how they use it to track how effective the door-to-door thing is. I couldn't help it and laughed and said, "It's totally not effective! How many people have made donations to you?" And she looked sheepish and said "none."

That was too long of a story to illustrate a totally opposite technological "are you serious?" moment. :)
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