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A good night for some reviews. From INSIDE. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
A good night for some reviews. From INSIDE.
The good news: the temperature here is projected to go above freezing for the first time in five weeks tonight, as temperatures rise.

The bad news: it's getting there by way of a slow progression through snow (been there), sleet (doing that) and freezing rain before hitting all-rain later.  I got stuck in it, and sick of it, in no time at all and came home for good mid-afternoon. (Don't worry; the client calls and court emails followed me:P)  Eleanor also got out early after there were few if any customers to help.  So we're in. Likely, we're watching Portlandias in a few, but here are a few quick updates on some Udda Thingza I've been following (relatively spoiler-free, but take your chances):

Peaky Blinders: Only a couple of the second six-ep series remain. I'm fascinated by the parallels, which I kinda saw all along, between the Shelby family in 1919 and the Soprano family around the last turn of the century. Thomas and Tony both fell into control of their families when their fathers couldn't or wouldn't (Johnny Boy dying young, Arthur Senior deserting them). Both are of immigrant ethnicities that are stereotyped and kept from the heart of polite society (Shelbys are Romani, while the Sopranos are, derp....). Even the theme songs have a certain mashability; try singing "got yourself a gun" during "Red Right Hand" and it more-or-less scans. For me, though, the kicker is the undercurrent about horses. In the last ep I watched, I saw this painting behind Tom as he walked into his Veddy Proper Limited Company office:

Shelby Horse

It's not an exact aping, but it's pretty close to the painting of Tony with Pie-o-My, which became a major plot point in Series 4:


I just hope this one ends with us actually knowing who lives or dies.


The House of Cards third series is now out. I previously noted the coincidence of it premiering during the conservative movement's annual freak show, and now it seems even more appropriate, because this allegedly Democratic incumbent came out with a major legislative proposal that's right out of the Koch Brothers playbook.  I'm now into the second hour, and that seems to have lost traction, what with Claire suffering a major setback, a SCOTUS judge (not Nino Scalia, sorry) previewing his retirement, and the Underwood's loyal steed Patsy Doug having his head messed with in more ways than one. I'm beginning to wonder if Doug Stamper isn't the real central character of this show, because when he's not on his game, Frank and Claire go to pieces in short order.


Bookwise, I've been rather stuck, what with watching all these programmes at the gym during my usual elliptical reading hour.  One I tried, and I think I've now given up on, is J.K. Rowling's first grownup novel, The Casual Vacancy.  I wanted to like it, or at least soldier through it, but in close to 100 pages I didn't find a single likable character except, maybe, the Rhymes-with-Harry councilmember who dies on the fifth page and causes said vacancy on said council.  There are hints of intrigue of how different camps will play out, but there just isn't enough magic to save this one for me. Plus there's something creepy about Jo writing sex scenes; I found myself referring to it as Fifty Shades of Harry Potter. No specific sadism in the sex (yet), but for me, just reading it is torture enough.


I think that's it. Off to the fictional PDX:)
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