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And now, Throwing Up-Date, with Chevy Chase! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
And now, Throwing Up-Date, with Chevy Chase!
Sorry for the grossness. It ain't much better here:(

We once again came home to cat hork in the house. Yesterday morning, Tazzer repeated his won't-eat/will-regurgitate act from the weekend. I wondered if it was something about the particular flavor of noms, so both last night and again this morning, I gave him his own small can of the Fancy Ass brand. Both times, he gobbled it up. Sometime during the day today, though, the morning feeding got ungobbled.

It's weird. He's carrying on, morning and night, like he's hungry, and once he got a bowl of the good stuff, he cleaned his plate. And the bad reaction only seems to happen in the mornings; the 6 p.m. feeding, with the same food, gets eaten just as fast, but with no ill effects (that we've found yet, anyway).

Only thing I can think of is this: we've pushed back the morning feeding by half an hour or so, after Eleanor discovered, when I was away last month, that she could hold off the morning onslaught as late as 7 without them going totally crazy.  I've managed to keep them at bay until more like 6, but that's still a good half hour longer of petulant MEOWing, and tearing about the house, than they're used to. The others don't seem to be suffering, but he's our oldest (almost 16) and has always been the delicate little flower of the bunch.  The nighttime feeding is the same time as it always was, and they don't start The Act until I get home, usually pretty close to the feeding time itself, so he's not going through the stress and outright exertion of meowing the living shit out of me like he does in the morning.

So just to try something, I'm going to put their morning feeding back to where it was- AND try giving him a little less, to see how those variations go.  All in all, he seems mostly okay; he's still purring when we give him love, and I don't see any wounds or major changes in movement or other behavior.

Finally, in the Small Favor department, we move the clocks ahead for Daylight Saving Time this weekend, and while that takes a bad rap for making us "lose an hour," it actually helps with the morning insanity, since their internal clocks don't reset for usually a week or so and we wind up getting more sleep as a result.
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