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"It really tied the weekend together...." - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
"It really tied the weekend together...."
We watched our DVD of Big Lebowski tonight- something we should do way more often.  I'd forgotten Julianne Moore is in it, among other awesome performances. Also, after seeing the incredible stache of the Mysterious Stranger, I now really want to dig out the library's Mission:Impossible disks from the year or so that both Leonard Nimoy and Sam Elliott were in the cast at the same time. One odd fact about Lebowski, sorta courtesy of IMDB:

As The Dude writes the 69 cent check at Ralph's, he watches George H.W. Bush give the "This aggression will not stand" press interview live on TV. President Bush gave the interview on the White House lawn on Sunday, August 5, 1990, 3 days after the Iraqi Army invaded Kuwait. The Dude's check, however, is dated September 11, 1991.

The film was released in 1998, and reflected events of 1990, but I wondered if Truthers had caught on to this.  Of course they had.


Earlier, I finished the final (for now) episodes of Peaky Blinders. They packed an amazing amount of stuff in under sixty minutes, and if it wasn't clear before the Series 2 finale, it's clear now: assume NOTHING about what you're seeing. No idea when Auntie will be presenting the third series (it's been ordered), but my hope is that Netflix will get it up at the same time or soon thereafter.


I'm kinda missing that extra hour of today right about now.  This week is not too busy, but short: Tuesday brings two court appearances, Wednesday only one, but then Thursday I leave for another three day to-and-fro from here to New York. This time I'm driving, and this time, at least so far, the weather is predicted to be unbrutal. 
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