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The final stretch: Saturday Night Show, and Back Home Sunday to the Best Friend of All.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
The final stretch: Saturday Night Show, and Back Home Sunday to the Best Friend of All....
Over 1,000 new miles on the tires when it was all done. I've been home since 3 p.m. and am happy to be back. I stopped at the kids' place on the way to get a final tax document and drop off Emily's Strandery-

Exeunt, Pursued by a Doctor

- and listened to good stories and music all the way home- from a Mountain Stage St. Patrick's Day encore to the album from Lucy Kaplansky's new project that I picked up last night.

Right. That.

Lucy has been recording with fellow folk artist Richard Shindell for decades, and for most of them they've wanted to record an album of duets, but time and places intervened. (Shindell is not the Rick she's married to, and when Richard S. is not making music here, he lives in Argentina.)  But they finally got it together, Kickstarted and, as of this Tuesday, officially Out There....

unless you're at the right club at the right time, and boy was I.


Hudson, NY is a riverside town within 20 miles of the state capital, but it's definitely in between the economic boom at the south end of the river and the government largesse nearer the source to the north. Yet on a quiet side street is a wonderful acoustic space in a former factory that has brought many to a town that needs the love that such music brings.

Four other musicians preceded (and eventually joined) Lucy and Richard onstage.  Working stage right all night was Larry Campbell, who opened with his wife Therese Williams on vocals. She's good; he's legendary. He spoke of working with Dylan; and he reminded us that he was part of the 80s music network that brought Shawn Colvin to New York and, eventually, her Career As We Know It.  I'd just been reading her memoir earlier in the day; Lucy appears in it several times, also, but even earlier in the book, Shawn mentions Larry's virtuosity and versatility, including his having been tagged with the Costner-inspired nickname "Walks With Instruments."  As he did, all night:  here, he's on acoustic guitar in his opening set:


When the Pine Hill Project duo joined him and their bassist and drummer (both awesome, as well), he switched to mandolin:


And keyboard:

Fiddle, anyone?

And, near the end, plugged in:

His wife came back out for the encore, and they proceeded to blow the roof off the dump:

Mostly, though, they debuted the songs on the new album, which ranged from George-Jonesish country to straight-out rocking out; and they covered a range including Greg Brown and Gillian Welch on one end and Nick Lowe and Paul Carrick on the other.

And they said, and boy you could tell, they were having FUN up there. The audience had a few younguns, including one woman who go-go-danced through both sets the entire time. More, though, were couples older than us, holding hands and smiling the whole time. My beloved was almost 300 miles away, having laid down flooring tile rather than musical tracks all day, but she was much in mind and heart as I heard the songs from the better half of Pine Hill that we learned to love together.


The venue has a full menu, which I neither knew (slogging down fast food on the Jersey side of the border) or could've afforded. And I was alone, which got me a mezzanine stool, but one with with a good view for those pictures- and the company of Working Press.

Still not sure who he was or who he was working for, but he had the requisite hat and leather jacket to qualify him as an insider even before he brought out the Reporters Notebook and Nikon. He also had a full bottle of wine and a plate of the house-special Laundry Day Red Beans and Rice to act as muses. I left him to his work, only asking him, when Larry mentioned Shawn Colvin, whether he'd read her memoir. (He hadn't.)

I also felt a bit for the server who was also working around me. They don't push show customers to order off the menu, but she seemed to want to be attentive, so finally I came up with something to order from the dessert menu: for the band.

Last post, I mentioned that Lucy's father had written, and she's performed, a song about pi titled, fittingly,

The song wouldn't have fit the format of the evening, but the day still had to be acknowledged, so I ordered a slice of pecan pie and asked it to be sent to the green room. The only message I got back was "3-14-15," so they knew:) They also promised to autograph pi's onto their merch (as Larry correctly observed, CD's have circumference AND diameter;).

I didn't get one on mine. Lucy just signed it "all the best," and yeah pretty much, that's what they gave us:)
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