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Trivial Pursuits - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Trivial Pursuits
Every now and again, I notice some thing in a film or TV ep that I wonder if anyone else has noticed. The trove for such is IMDB, of course. On a few occasions, I've submitted my find to the appropriate IMD-Pigeonhole (trivia/goofs/credits). These are moderated, to keep comment trolls and spammers from taking over the site, but such moderation is not enough to qualify most IMDB postings as wiki-reliable enough:

IMDb content inappropriate to reference on Wikipedia:

  1. Any potentially contentious material about living persons (BLPs)

  2. The IMDb message boards, which are inherently not reliable.

  3. The user comments for each title, which are pure user-generated content.

  4. Sections written in wiki-style with minimal editorial control. Those would be the FAQs for parkiticular titles (not the database FAQ), the parental guides, and the plot synopses (not to be confused with the plot outlines or plot summaries, which are subject to editorial control).

  5. Newsgroup reviews, which are archived Usenet postings.

  6. The trivia and goofs sections that are based on user submissions.

  7. The recommendations.

Still. Getting one by the gatekeepers is a nice feeling, and I just found out that I done did it:)

It's an odd little bit that got written into the penultimate Series 1 episode of Peaky Blinders, and you can see the pearl of wisdom here:

When Thomas Shelby and Campbell are discussing the stolen guns, Shelby says his information will get Campbell a medal. Campbell replies that if he earns him a medal, he'll have Shelby's initials engraved on his backside. Series producer Harvey Weinstein famously had his initials tattooed on Judi Dench's backside.

Since my saying so is inherently unreliable, here's a link to another source for the comparison:

Dame Judi Dench was mostly working in British television before kingmaker Harvey Weinstein cast her in the lead role of Queen Victoria in Mrs. Brown, for which she earned the first of seven Oscar nominations. How could she thank Weinstein, the man who had everything? Well, Dench got him the best gift she could think of: his name on her ass. Specifically, she got "JD Loves HW" tattooed. Weinstein relayed a delightful story of when she first showed the tattoo to him at the Four Seasons Grill on The Graham Norton Show. "What can you say to see Judi Dench's name stenciled on your ass?" Weinstein mused. And he's not the only one she has shown it to publicly: Dame Dench also showed the tattoo off to Oprah Winfrey at the BAFTAs last year.

Plus I imagine James Bond has seen it- if only in his dreams;)


My only other recent trivial foray has been some occasional games of Trivia Crack on Facebook.  It's the first game I've tolerated in years, since Scrabulous was briefly the Next Big Infringing Thing.  This one's pretty close to the original Trivial Pursuit, but just different enough to keep the lawyers away, and as long as you turn the Shares off, it doesn't annoy the shit out of you or other people when you're playing. (I set my notifications to "just me" for the rare occasions I click on anything.)  If you don't know me Over There and want to try a game, message me here and I'll figure out who we are.


The icon reminded me that I hadn't heard about a 2015 online test for the real Jeopardy! game- and it looks like there hasn't been one since I last took it (and, as usual, never heard from them).  Since they just had an episode last week where two of the contestants Clavened before the final round, I'd have to say Trebek is SUCKING IT! more than usual in the search department.
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puppy_ciao From: puppy_ciao Date: March 17th, 2015 10:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
Do you know Ed Cardoni, the exec director of Hallwalls? He just found out a few weeks ago that he'll be a contestant! Very exciting. Hope you get called by them sometime too!
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