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Binge and Purge.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Binge and Purge....
I stayed up past our bedtimes last night to finish the current episodes of the US version of House of Cards. I'm glad to have gotten there, but the series is at least toying with shark-jumping at this point.

Yes, America's #1 Fun Couple is still holding on trying to retain power and prestige and Pennsylvania Avenue. Yes, their #1 henchman is back and nastier than ever in protecting the two of them. But other than those three, is there any foil for the King and Queen to match any in the original BBC show, or Zoe Barnes in Series 1 of this one? All in all, I found the main dynamic of the premise- Frank and Claire Against The World- to be lacking this time.  The Putinesque Russian Prez, and the Cruz-ish Opposition Leader Senator, showed promise in taking that role at times, but both faded down the stretch (the latter disappearing altogether for the second half of the season with no plausible explanation), and nobody else really stepped up as a worthy foil.

Leaving us, next year, with....

all the promise and potential of Frank versus Claire, as she kicked Keyzer Soze* in the nuts on the way out in announcing she was leaving him. I could see a Season 4 where the Republicans nominate her to run against him, or a third-party movement featuring her. Or just the pass-the-popcorning of their matrimonial would fill much of a 13-episode order.

We await word of a fourth series, which this denouement of this one almost demands. I hope they do better in casting to bring the supporting cast back to where it originally was, and I'm still mindful of how the original Davies/Dobbs protagonist ended HIS final days in wondering where this particular incarnation is going to go.


*Ah, but is Spacey really the Soze counterpart in this series? It's DOUG who sheds his disability-symbolizing cane as he whacks one of his nemeses in returning to the central role I now believe, more than ever, to be his rather than either or both of the Underwoods'.
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