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Liveblogging a Night at the Apocalypse! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Liveblogging a Night at the Apocalypse!

It's on, hockey fans!


Tank vs. Tank. Live from downtown Buffalo, the league-worst Sabres against the fast-fading #29 (of 30) team from Arizona, fighting it out for the right to have the best chance of drafting first in this summer's draft of "generational" players.

Officially, neither is Trying to Lose, but you'd never know it. Both shed loads of their best players before the trade deadline. The Sabres got rid of a bunch of them for a very good player, but one who happens to be recovering from season-ending surgery. On paper, Buffalo's goalies are putrid, yet each of them has managed to steal a point or two despite massive shot advantages in favour of just about every opponent.  Arizona, on the other hand, has a goalie who has good overall stats, but who scored a goal on his own net last weekend and who, last year on the Coyotes' last visit to B-lo, treated the Sabres to the now-infamous "butt goal" when a rebound fell into his pants and he backed it over the goal line:

The Coyotes got the Sabres' "lead" down to three points after this past weekend, but the bounces so far have gone our way. Monday night, Buffalo, facing their longtime former coach in Dallas, rallied from a game-long lead to lose 4-3 in regulation; meanwhile, Arizona beat the legendary Detroit Red Wings in the Motor City two nights ago, putting the gap back to five points before they begin their critical home-and-home series tonight.

Arizona drew first blood in the first period, but the Sabres quickly tied it. They even went ahead of the Coyotes briefly on a goal from their worst-in-the-league power play, but the visitors answered and overcame with just over five minutes left in the second, bringing it to 3-2 at the end of two.

Our former (and detested) general manager, now an assistant GM in the desert, was supposed to attend tonight's tankfest, but apparently he chickened poutined out of that and isn't in the building. The color commentator on the Coyotes' broadcasts also won't be there tonight, as he was arrested for biting an off-duty cop at the downtown Seneca casino last night.  Probably they did something offensive like wishing the Coyotes good luck.

ETA Third period. Oh, great- they ran our goalie. He's down- but not out! AND kept the puck out of the net. Dammit.

Crap. Another power play. Just what we....well, at least the penalty is over.

Looks like both teams are going to pick up a point at this rate.

Coyote power play with 30 seconds left.... to be continued, for weeee are gooing to OOOOOvertime!  So at worst we'll be four points "ahead" in the tank derby, and with a loss it'll go to six.

It's going to six! Gagne scores before the penalty expires and we head west downer than we were when the night started!!!

So good night from Buffalo, where down is up and the last shall be first.

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