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One season tries to close, another one opens. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
One season tries to close, another one opens.
It was supposed to be a memorable day of beginning and ending. The Mets, beginning their 54th season; the Sabres, playing their 80th game of this season and hopefully the final one that would matter.  The latter is still going on; the fallout from the first still remains to be seen.

Despite an overall below-.500 history, the Mets have pwned Opening Day ever since an 0-8 start on the occasion.  Last year was one of the few in recent years that they actually lost, and they went on to have their best season and finish in six years.  They faced Washington, the same opponent as today a year ago; their 2014 closer blew the save with two outs in the ninth, and also blew out his elbow and was lost for the rest of that entire season.

So today, after the Mets scraped together a mostly-unearned two-run lead off Washington's new $210-million ace starter? Their closer, who did well replacing last year's Opening Day casualty, ran to the trainer's room rather than the mound in the 9th inning, complaining of stiffness in, what else?, his elbow.  The Mets had to turn to a 38-year-old journeyman who'd never saved a big league game....

until today.  He shut the Nats down in the ninth and saved the 3-1 win for the Opening Day "ace"- a 40-something who looks more like Fred Flintstone than Cy Young. We beat the team that beat us with regularity last year, and, for a brief shining moment, we're ahead of them in our division.

Way to go, guys- put it in the books!

Some brief shining moments are better than others, though.

Just as today brought Opening Day to almost all of baseball, tonight was anticipated as End Of Tanking Night for the Sabres.  Just Lose, Baby, in regulation time, and Buffalo would clinch the worst record and the goodies that are promised to come from that low-light of a season.

So what do they do but go out and score the first four goals?

Carolina has been coming back since then, narrowing it to 4-3 as I finish this entry, but I see at least one point, and little if no good, coming of this.  It's still highly probable the Sabres will finish the job later this week, or their closest competition will do it for them perhaps as soon as tomorrow- but it would've been poetic to have ended it tonight.

ETA. And it won't. The final horn sounded and the gap is narrowed to two. Come on, guys- put it in the shitter!
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