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Successes and failures on the tech front.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Successes and failures on the tech front....
All of the family tax returns are done, and, as of tomorrow, all refunds will have been received and 2014 payments made.  Ours was the last to get transmitted, and enough came in today for me to be able to meet the dreaded April 15 deadline for paying the bill. (Self-employed people usually don't get refunds, because we pay both sides of Social Security and Medicare.) It's a point of pride for me to pay the whole thing on time, because for my first few years of self-employment,  it took months to get it done. Surprisingly, the penalties and interest aren't that bad- as long as you file the return on time. That's the Stupid Taxpayer Trick that often turns the extra charges into major bucks for people who are too disorganized or embarrassed and either can't or won't file the return on time without paying.

Once that got done, I moved on to some other work projects, and noticed that the keyboard on my not-even-year-old Windows 8 machine was running really sluggishly. Sure enough, a couple of quick test-prying of individual keys found masses of crumbs and (especially) cat hair gumming up the works.  I cleared several of them, but then stupidly pulled the "I" key off too quickly and removed the teeny tiny hooky wooky thing that makes the key stay in place and apply the right pressure. I think it's fixable, but between my up-close eyesight getting worse and me generally being spatially retarded, I've attached an external keyboard to that computer until I can get assistance from either Eleanor or a semi-professional.

This entry is coming from Groot- the Windows 7 replacement for my long-time Vista machine. Because it's hard to watch the Mets while balancing a laptop AND external keyboard. Also, more often than not, it's hard to watch the Mets in general;)
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