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Short odds. Short entry. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Short odds. Short entry.
The Sabres lost the lottery! The Sabres lost the lottery!  (S'okay- the consolation prize is still pretty damn good.)

As for the rest of today, in similar short bursts:

* Thanks to my dear friend Lisa, the keyboard problems on both of my laptops are Mostly Fixed, and this one's will be more than Mostly Fixed once a replacement arrives in about a week.

* Our kitchen project now includes a new refrigerator.

* Our prep for the kitchen project wound up including the removal of a butt-ton of sticky crap from under the existing refrigerator.

* Orphan Black Series 3 has begun, but we were too tired from Refrigerator Things to watch it in real time; we did make it through last year's penultimate episode, as well as the finale all the way through the clone dance party.

I hope your days today, and tomorrow, are better than what Donnie might wish you (unless you're an Edmonton Oiler):

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