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Returning like a well Castor-oiled machine.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Returning like a well Castor-oiled machine....
I wouldn't worry too much about spoilers in this review of Orphan Black's premiere of the year last night, because to a significant extent, we STILL haven't figured out what was going on. But anyone (other than those Philistine, Canadian-hatin' Emmy voters) could see the star of this show still taking the roles where even she hasn't boldly gone before (as one rather spoilery review noted, "Let’s all try to keep track of the plotlines, throw out wild theories, and praise how Tatiana Maslany even manages to make each clone cry differently together, shall we?").

One thing about her I did catch right off: Tatiana now gets a producer credit in the opening titles. Seems only fair, because her mad skillz make everybody elses' jobs so much easier.  And Jordan Gavaris, who plays "their" brother, is now second-credited, over Dylan "Paul the Soldier" Bruce.

Now that there are even more clones than ever to keep track of, following is going to be harder. Likewise, with that comes the infinite potential for permutations of B-stories (Cosima/Delphine) C-stories (Ali running for school board? REALLY?!?) and ZZ9 Plural-Z A stories (how long HAVE you had that pet, Helena?). It also doesn't help that our BBC America feed continues to have issues with closed-captioning (the only cable channel that does), and getting through the East Ender and Gordy McGordy accents is sometimes impossible.

But at least you can buy Orphan Black swag at Hot Topic now, so they've got that going for them, which is nice:

On second thought, maybe she DOES look better rocking Ukranian Peasant gear. Must be the science.
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