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Patriot Days - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Patriot Days
The three kids of my immediate family have created three kids of the next generation: our Emily, and Sandy's two daughters, now both in their forties, have given us two grand-nieces and a grand-nephew. We're rather distant geographically- the older one in Florida, her sister in Connecticut- but they, especially Michele, are closest to me in age, in disposition, and in shared memories to have always gotten along. Both had to deal with the death of their mother while they were still in their teens, and then with the dual heartbreaks of their father remarrying and then fighting a long battle with cancer.

They both now have kids of their own-and are making their own, new memories.


Yesterday, Michele posted this- from a minor league stadium near Palm Beach:

Her comment on posting it yesterday was just as inspiring:

If I can do it, anyone can do it... I was the kid who never raised a hand in class, couldn't get the solo in chorus, and was afraid to speak up in meetings. This one's for all our brave servicemen and servicewomen fighting to protect the land of the free and the home of the brave. God bless.

I was a lot like "the kid" she's describing, which just makes the bond between us stronger than blood.


Yesterday also brought sadder recollections from her sister Nicole, who was reminded, as she will every Boston Marathon race day, of how bad things were in 2013 and how much worse they could have been:

Hard to believe its been two years....I was looking for a picture and came across my status update and felt it appropriate to share....the Boston Marathon has been such a big part of our life and our running community....tonight, to see all the success stories throughout Facebook and on the news....it leaves me with continued hope that with some of the most unimaginable tragedy, the best in people come out and the strength and perseverance that one might have never thought they had can shine through...

Her husband ran that race; she and their son were at that finish line, blessedly way ahead of the time selected by the madmen for more crowd and fewer eyes on them as the larger group of slower runners took the worst of it. I knew they were there that day; word of the bombing reached me during a deposition, and I worried fiercely until I finally saw this that day:

We are home safe, my little boy is sound asleep and as I finally have the chance to sit down and actually think about the events of today, bursting into tears was really all I could come up with. I think I am still in shock. Kyle and I were down there “exploring” this morning, right in the vicinity of this horrific scene. Thank you everyone for your emails, texts and voicemails. Our coverage was down for a while, and I am still getting through a lot of them. Once again, I am thankful to have an outlet like Facebook that enables us to communicate so efficiently. My thoughts and prayers are with those who were impacted directly. I don’t want to even try to imagine what it was like, as I know how close we were to this horrific scene, and it was only a matter of minutes separating us from such chaos. We left the family meeting area close to 2:10pm.

At about 3:10pm, as we were trying to decide what time we would get on the road, my cell phone began blowing up with messages and phone calls. It didn’t take long to realize what was happening, and while I felt relief that we were already out of the finish area, a million thoughts came into my mind. My legs began to tremble and I froze. Here we were on the 12th floor of one of the nicest hotels in Boston, with a 3 ½ year old who already had enough, Marks mom and her boyfriend were staying over another night and all I wanted to do was flee!!! Thankfully Mark is so calm, he was able to make the call to get right on the road. Once we got down to the hotel lobby, it was utter chaos. Everyone was crying, runners were limping around in a fog and I found myself on Autopilot, just trying to calmly get Kyle and Mark out of all this chaos. Thankfully our car was waiting for us right at the valet, and we were able to leave Boston with very little delay.

As a runner, marathoner and cheerleader of all my friends and family in the running community, I am simply heartbroken. I can’t even put into words how I am feeling for those families tragically impacted by this senseless act of Terrorism. To be at an event that is such a joyous occasion, in a city that embraces this community so beautifully, there are simply no words.

As the wife of a Law Enforcement Officer, who has certainly had his share of tragedy in the last 12 months, I felt angry that while doing one of the things that brings him so much peace, had to end with such unbelievable tragedy, that I am sure deep down inside left him feeling torn to not rush to the crime scene to help out, rather stay with his family pretty much unable to walk without tons of pain.

As a mom, I am tired. Raising children in this world of such darkness is sometimes more than one person can handle. While I know I have the inner strength to handle it, I find myself continuing to pray for a time that we can just exist peacefully. The fears that come of all this hatred is simply paralyzing at times. I am finding that it is becoming entirely too frequent that I am coming up with pretend stories just to get my son to not ask questions about our break from a normal routine. It took everything in my power to keep calm today, not burst into tears, freak out and create a calm, simple atmosphere for my little boy, so that he doesn’t feel the trauma that so many will relive for the rest of their lives.
I am so thankful for everyone reaching out, sending thoughts and prayers. You all brought a smile to my face, knowing that you were thinking of us all. It was so very much appreciated and as each message came in, it motivated me to just keep on going and not completely lose it. Thank you everyone!!!!

The "share of tragedy" to which she refers is Mark having been one of the first responders at Sandy Hook barely four months earlier. They have since moved (fairly close within the same area), and their son has started school, which must come with even more separation anxiety for all concerned than it always has.


We are not a big family, or especially close-knit. But ours is a love that has endured much- and always will.
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