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Random moments from a Star Wars Day.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Random moments from a Star Wars Day....
* Do or not do, there is no Surgery....

As of sometime this morning, the kids got some news on the kitty: it's not a foreign object causing his troubles. That alleviated a lot of guilt they'd been feeling (not entirely deserved, since you can never completely cat-proof your life). Arthur's staying overnight at the vet once more, though, while they try to figure out what IS causing the fever and blockage. The range of possibilities could be as simple as changing diet; or it could be something Bad. (This is the one Bad they've been prepared for, but it has yet to be even shown to be probable.) They've found their ways to a number of options for affording whatever presents itself, including this charitable site that one of my people-doctor friends tipped us off to, but prayers and kitty head-butts are still encouraged. We love him, even if he IS a little short for a stormtrooper;)


* The Force is Strong with This One. The Eyesight, Not So Much....

For at least the third time in recent months, I've misplaced my glasses. I've been resigned and resolving to use Health Savings money for a new pair, especially since the up-close part of my current prescription (little more than clear glass as of my last eyecheck) isn't really doing it for teeny print anymore. Last time they went missing, I literally had a Lenscrafters coupon in hand when I found the damn things on the floor. This time, though, it's a commit: I prepaid for a Living Social deal for $200 of frames/lenses for 44 bucks. It doesn't include the eye exam, but I'm cool buying that, too, and it doesn't have to be from them. This way, even if they do turn up- as they always do- I can't use that as an excuse to wuss on it- as I always do. Also, the two suits from pre-Foot that had to be ordered in, are in; and the other two, which were in and were measured, will be tailored and done by the end of the week. Which is great- but don't worry, I won't get cocky.


* These Are Not the Papers We're Looking For. Move along.

This morning brought my first court appearance since Not Operation on the Foot. I asked the court for Thing One under Statute X, or alternatively Thing Two under Statute Y. The other side sent papers last week opposing my request for Sorta Thing One, but based their opposition on my not having complied with Statute Z, which I didn't even mention. But that didn't matter, because when my case got called around 9:45 (15 minutes after the appointed time), the judge didn't have their papers anyway, and nobody else showed up, so, yay! Thing One granted!

I called the client from the hall to give him the good news. But before I got to my next stop of the day closer to home, I got a call. Opposing Lawyers hired a local mouthpiece earlier that morning, who showed up after I'd left and talked them into adjourning it for two weeks. So I had to call back to the client with a mixture of Apology (to him) and Hulksmash. Likely there's no harm in the wait, but it's just an annoyance; I found their lack of courtesy disturbing.


And finally,

Laugh it up, Feather Ball....

Albert the Tumbler Pigeon is still very much around. Eleanor figured out that he camps out, pretty much all night, in the tree directly across the street from us. She also heard him at length for the first time today, when she put out the morning noms for the birds. He practically chewed her out for the quality of the service in this establishment. And yet, we remain determined to gain his trust, get him safely into our care, and if possible return him to his original home.

Why? Because, Albert, "We love you."
"I know.
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