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A Day Separated from My People - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
A Day Separated from My People
Every spring for the past decade or so, the Bar Assocations of my two adopted hometowns have sponsored a joint Bankruptcy Conference, a chance for us to mingle, learn, and secure valuable continuing ed credits toward our biennial obligations. This year's was today, as it always is at the halfway point of the two cities round about Batavia.

I passed.

Since I spoke at a seminar a few months ago, my credit quota is within an hour or two of completion, and I have a voucher for a freebie on account of that engagement that will likely account for the rest before my Novemberish reporting deadline.  Also, none of the topics sounded all that sexy. Also also, the panel of judges speaking at the conference is way down from earlier years, and this year only included our resident jurists, who we know much better than the outliers who had visited in prior years.

So I stayed home. The phone barely rang all day, and incoming emails were sparse. I spent the time on detail work on a couple of cases that will be hit-and-miss across the board, but , if they hit, will produce nice profit in one case and some schadenfreude in the remaining efforts.

Still. It would've been nostalgiac to have been out there with my bankruptcy brethren and sestras this year, two days removed from this:


Wednesday marked 30 years since my formal admission to practice in Bankruptcy Court.  I still have the certificate, signed by the court clerk who is now the senior among the three judges serving this part of the state. I posted that picture on the anniversary day, and got many congratulations, including one "thank you for your service," a term usually reserved for veterans. Yet I have been a sworn officer of the United States since that time, and have helped the causes of justice and truth more often than not in that role. So I am thankful for the thanks,and hope the next x years (x<=30) will be just as helpful.
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