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Big. Dicks. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Big. Dicks.
I visited Manhattan twice earlier this year, and have two tentative gigs there in formation for the next few months. It's still a different and exciting place, but it's not the city of my youth or even younger adulthood. Increasingly, it's becoming just a Capitol for the One Percent capitalists who disdain those of us out in the Districts. This morning's news proved that as well as anything:

FAO Schwarz, beloved for generations and featured in the movie Big, is now too low-rent for Fifth Avenue.

You can read that piece for all the details, but the money quote in the article is this- from the realtor who presided over the demise of this iconic venue. Her name is Faith Hope Consolo (draw your own Corinthian conclusions), and her joy in the death of a toy store got summed up thusly:

“It’s very exciting for Fifth Avenue. We’re going to get a new retailer, so we can all spend more money.”

Because in modern Manhattan, that's what it's all about. Long-standing beloved local restaurants, and specialty stores, are being priced right off the island by the Kate Spades and Starbuckses that are determined to bid up every cubic inch of leasable space beyond what anyone would have ever dreamed of. The heart of the city is fast becoming a suburb of itself, as franchisors replace tradition and Midtown takes on the air of a theme park

Yet there is hope for the iconic brand made famous in Big -itself now just a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toys 'R Us; some other midtown landlord will find a place for their toys, and piano, and creativity, eventually.  Faith Hope herself tells us so:

“They’re not going to die,” she said. “When they open up, everybody will come back.”

Unless "everybody" was only able to be there the month after the forced closing, hoping for a moment to tickle the ivories or sample the other goofy wares that, inch for inch, sell for a lot less than the newest ridiculous pair of Jimmy Choos:

That was Emily in the store, not quite three months ago, because it was there. Alas, poor Frederick; I knew him, Horatio.

A similar local icon here in Buffalo is also soon to close its doors: the Boulevard Mall Bootery, fitter of four generations of tiny feet including Em's, is going out of business this spring on account of declining sales and increasing "showrooming" by customers. Its iconic fire truck will never be on the wall of a Payless or the sidebar of a zappos. Before they go, I may ask for Emily's fitting card as a souvenir. I'll even offer to pay.
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