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It's not easy being stupid.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
It's not easy being stupid....
The morning after being up way past my bedtime, I was destined to have bad things happen. I had court first thing this morning, was nevertheless up ahead of the alarm, and had enough extra time to work on another project before leaving for downtown.  And I'd have made it right on time- except for my failure to bring my wallet with me.

Two problems were immediately posed. One: no money for parking, save a lone nickel in my pocket. Not a lot of free parking options down there, and very few old-style meters at all where you can surf off remaining time. So since I was destined to get a ticket anyway, I picked the closest illegal space to the court entrance I could find, in front of the Buffalo PD Central Booking station.

Hey- it might get ticketed, but at least it would be safe, you'd think.

That was important because of Problem Two: No ID= No Free Pass through court security.  I therefore left my laptop bag in the car because I KNEW the chargers in there would slow things down. Fortunately, there wasn't much of a line, and only a metal pen in my suit pocket caused any alarm.  I escaped without having to do a semi-striptease removing my belt, and got to court only three minutes beyond the stated time.

Only to discover Problem Three: the judge was on time, and had begun his docket with his daily dose of Wapner.  The Case of Some Lady versus the Car Wash was in full swing, or, I should say, full crash. SL had taken the car to be washed on the one nice day in February when it was still ball-bustingly cold, and when nobody was outside to escort her car into the detail shop, she pulled up closer to the closed garage door and discovered the conveyor belt was on. Five seconds later, "closed" turned into "smashed" and she was out over two grand.

The car wash lawyered up, as it seemingly always does when people go Small Claims on them, and while I didn't get to hear the outcome (he also reserved decision on mine), Some Lady did a pretty good job without a lawyer herself, making several points I would have made. (Biggest: before you get to the detail shop, there are a number of signs telling you, HANDS OFF WHEEL, EVERYTHING'S AUTOMATIC- except when they're not).

I returned to find No Ticket.  They probably were shocked that anyone would've had the stones to park there if they didn't belong.


Less stupid haunted me for the rest of the day, except a bit coming from some actual and/or potential clients, but there's nothing noteworthy about that.  Oh, and also some from the dentist Cameron has been consigned to see for some much overdue and increasingly painful dental work he needs. Late last month, he came all the way back here (it's 100 miles each way) and the dentist, knowing he had at least five cavities to work on, filled exactly one of them.... and left.  Now he's got wisdom teeth problems, and even if that's oral surgery beyond Dr. Teeth's expertise, he was expected to at least give Cam a referral to an oral surgeon. Which he hasn't.  So today, I asked them to send me copies of his insurance info, so I can check around with clients and other dentists I know closer to where they live to see if one of them can get him in.

At least we don't have to worry about them trying to run that old jalopy of theirs (ours) through a car wash.
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