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It's late. So, update. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
It's late. So, update.
I wound up making one essentially useless trip to Rochester on Tuesday, as an afternoon court appearance got postponed, and only after I was already there. I was concerned that today's might suffer a similar fate, but it didn't. And a third potential appointment there tomorrow did get postponed, but they at least called about it today.

For awhile, I was planning to overnight with the kids, mainly to check up on the sick kitty. Arthur's still running a fever and was still off his feed as of a couple of days ago. They were preparing for the worst, but yesterday the vet upped his steroid dose just as his antibiotic cycle was ending. I suspect the latter had more of an effect on his appetite, and sure enough, we got a call tonight that he was doing much better in the eating department. It may still prove incurable, but they're giving his immune system one last fighting chance before any decisions get made.

Eleanor found out this Tuesday that she starts a new job next Tuesday. It's a temporary-assignment Wegmans gig, where she'll be doing specialized reorganizing of things at other local stores. First is just one town over, one of the closest to home.

Still haven't seen the final Letterman (I DVR'd all of it), although I've heard or seen the final Top Ten list at least ten times on other shows. The sports talk radio station in Toronto spent a good 20 minutes with a tv critic talking about Dave and his finale, rather than gloating about the coach the Leafs just stole from the Sabres by throwing a CN Tower full of money at him.

Instead, we watched a French film called The Intouchables, about the unlikely yet true story of a widowed millionaire quadraplegic and his bond with the African-immigrant caretaker who gets hired despite his scores on traditional qualifications (low) and attitude (high). The latter is played by Omar Sy, who won the French equivalent of an Oscar for it; he is also in the upcoming movie based on Inferno, Renowned Author Dan Brown's latest billion-seller. Now I have two reasons to see that film, the other being,....


Apparently they've already tossed the Ed Sullivan Theatre set into the rubbish. I hope it didn't hurt Leno on the chin when it fell on top of him.
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