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A Pretty Typical Towel Day - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
A Pretty Typical Towel Day
I left for Rochester right around 8 this morning and am now east of there for the night. Kids' car has a brake appointment near my office there first thing tomorrow, so we're switching cars for the day and possibly the rest of the week.

After court today, I met with our firm's retirement plan dude about getting my "portolio" (such as it is) into something a little more growth oriented than the Bupkus Family of Funds it's now in.  Wall Street immediately reacted with one of the biggest selloffs in years.

On the other hand, I found two people I sorta know on Facebook today, both through odd and circuitous routes. One even friended me back.

A former client could've used that towel more than I ever did today. He was charged last week with sixteen felonies.

Watching an old animated Star Trek episode with the kids tonight, the one written by one of our high school's alums. Great animation critique practice for Em, and plenty of MST options for me.

Good.... night. 
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