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Station to Station - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Station to Station
I left the kids' place before 8 this morning and didn't get home until close to 7 tonight. The last 24 hours involved eleven different stops, three different cars, and, unfortunately, one forgotten phone charger.

The good thing is their car is fixed.  The front brakes were down to metal-on-metal, and they also diagnosed why the pedal was occasionally going to the floor.  Just finished paying off their last repair and now it's been roughly another couple of car payments.  We'll be figuring out how to minimize this in the future.

The big news in the office this morning was the world soccer scandal; one of the attorneys in the office is married to a high school soccer coach, and they were shocked, SHOCKED!, to read of the wretched excesses that made even the NFL seem tame.  One story I read tonight was about how one of the highest-level mucketymucks in US soccer, who ultimately narc'd on the Euros, had a luxury Trump Tower apartment.  For his cats. Me. Ow.

The weirdest experience of the day didn't come until midafternoon: I got the call about the car around 2, and they promised to be finished by 4 so I could get to that tenth of eleven stops for a late appointment at my Buffalo office by 5:30.  I'd missed lunch before then, so to save a little time I walked over to a pizza place next to the mechanic and ordered slices.  While I ate, a couple was at the only other booth in the place; both were chewing on ciggies.  It was hot, humid and windy out, but pizzerias are hotter by nature, so the door was open. Speaking of nature, the air was full of cottonwood puffies, which were annoying everyone. So what did the dude of the pair do but step to the threshold of the entry door, light his death stick, then call to the kid at the counter, "So, are you hiring?"

Not if you were the last idiot on earth, sir, was my assessment, and the kid agreed with me. Then Miss Marlboro took her ciggie and they both left- no doubt to set the cottonwood tree on fire or something.

Tomorrow's my sleep-in day- I can lie in luxury until past 7:30!  But Friday morning I have to bring the kids' car back to them before Cam goes to work, which means more like a 5:45 departure.  At least I can get a decent breakfast after that, hopefully without cigarettes.

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