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And So It Begins. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
And So It Begins.
Yes, the final tile did arrive.  Yes, another $600-plus of Stuff came home from the Depot. Everything including....

Kitchen sink

the kitchen sink.  First up was installing shutoffs on the two water lines that will connect to said sink, since our beloved original owner never bothered to put those in.  So naturally, the first part proved to be one of the hairier bears we are likely to face.

The hot water shutoff went in fine, but the cold water pipe didn't have as much room for the valve, and the pipe itself had no play in it to raise it further up from the floor under the sink. That would be the floor that one of the tenants took the opportunity to pee on earlier today, given the open doors and cleared-out space.

So we cut.  Eleanor drilled holes in the wood. She chiseled between them, and prybarred part of it up. Then I did more of the same. Between us, we got a good-sized reverse donut out of the deal; I almost made it easy by prying up a crack that would've run across the entire undersink area (and probably wrecked the surrounding walls). We didn't do it, but I got a "nice crack" line out of Eleanor and we hooted over the inevitable reference to Dan Ackroyd's "old Norge" scene from the Loopners:

Finally, time to put in the second valve. Almost $700 of new parts and the stupid ten-dollar one we needed, in order to finish the job and turn the main water supply back on, was not complete out of the box. So back to the hardware store for her.  I bought beer. Wanted to get wings, as well, but the bar for that at Wegmans closed ten minutes before I got there. Yes, it's one of THOSE nights.

When I returned, the valve was mostly in, but was still a little leaky. We tightened, we tested, and then the house THUDDED:

Zoey the cat chose that moment, with both of us in the cellar, to jump down from the temporary home of the refrigerator, knocked a basket down in the process, and upended a tower containing close to 200 DVDs.

I'm going for the wings now.  Too late to change the master plan.
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greenquotebook From: greenquotebook Date: June 5th, 2015 06:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
Note to self: before taking on a plumbing project without professional help, burn house down.
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