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Life Goes On.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Life Goes On....
As various previous posts have observed, things are rather upside-down around here at times lately.

The new kitchen sink was, literally, for much of the day, as Eleanor did a yeoman's job of reinforcing its underside surroundings. She put in brackets, she figured out how to work them around the more limited space provided under the new counters, she did not have to remove the entire countertop in order to do it. My inside role was mostly limited to upending the sink and then helping putting it into its hopefully permanent home.

I also mowed the entire back yard, burned various digital things, and did Lawyer Stuff in between.  I also found that I was susceptible to something we've known of since our first years together, which we christened as "Bus Pass Syndrome" at the time and have never changed the term on.

For our first almost three years in Rochester, we had only one car, and Eleanor needed to be at work well before I did. (This time-of work phenomenon is also repeating itself these days.) In those days of yore, the transit company used paper bus passes for multiple-ride savings; when work, or wedding planning, or whatever thing not beginning with "W" was stressing us, that piece of paper would magically disappear, usually with numerous unpunched punches on it.

So it has been with this kitchen reno. We did find the missing hammer, but wrenches and washer boxes and other things not beginning with "W" have disappeared, so far only temporarily, as we've tried to stay one step ahead of the project.  And then yesterday, my job took the bus: I'd ordered the annual Attorneys Directory from the local bar association. The office put it in my mailbox. I removed it, even skimmed through it (making sure they had my listing right, and checking on a couple of other people I knew to have moved); but then, late in the afternoon, the remaining mail and client arrival and other distractions made it disappear.  I'm guessing it's sitting in some sympathetic staffer's drawer until I can confess my stupidity, but the symbolism is of more value than the actual book.


We also learned today that the outside world doesn't care about our kitchen.

Albert the Pigeon is ours- in every sense except the captive one.  He was hanging round all day, and has been fluttering about with seeming complaint about the quality and/or quantity of bird fud we've been putting out for him.  He seems thinner of late; perhaps there's more competition for the noms we're putting out.  We'd still love for him to come into a cage and resume his almost certain former life as a pet, but he needs to be on board about that, and as of a few minutes ago, he still isn't.

As for the bigger species out there: I awoke earlier this week to the sight of a young white-tailed deer walking down the middle of our street just as I was feeding the inside animals. I swear she saw me looking at her as she marched right up to our bird feeder, not five feet from where I was in the living room.

Then, this afternoon, both of us tried napping after our busy mornings/early afternoons. I was awakened by the landline; it was Ellen, our cross-street neighbor, advising that Bambi was back. This time, I got even closer inside the living room, and got this footage of our early-dinner guest:

She ultimately got skeered off by Ellen's dogs across the way, as did Albert later in the day, but that's just Nature being Nature. We're privileged to have a couple of window seats on it all:)
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