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Three out of the four elements.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Three out of the four elements....
And none of them are good:P

* Air. That would be what's been leaking from my right rear tire for the past couple of weeks.  It was a slow leak until it wasn't: four quarters for air last weekend kept me going all week, until Friday, when the damn sensor went off again. This time, I got two days out of the topoff, and the PSI back there registered damn close to 10 (it should be mid 30s) when I brought it in for a Real Fix.  Not sure if this will be a repair, or replacing both rear tires; I need all four, but can't do the full job today, with estimated taxes due tomorrow and the renovation continuing to cost.  I've been here since 2 when they scheduled me for, and they've yet to move the car out of the spot I parked it in. But I've got wifi, Mountain Stage and stuff to work on, which is cool, except for....

* Water. It's been pouring since I got here. And long before that, the rain was hanging miserably in the air, as the Festival of Humidity is well under way.  Even simple chores like folding wash and vacuuming floors were turning me into a sweat-soaked montrosity.  But that's still better than....

* Fire.  No real ones- the reference here is more to electricity. The cooktop is out of the box and is in the counter. Connecting it, though? Not happening.  Connections are too many and too old on the house side, and Eleanor has wisely begged out.  I have a client who can probably do it sometime this week. Until then, it's burgers on the grill tonight (assuming we haven't upended the lid to use as an ark), and we'll manage a few more nights after that if we have to.

And that's all I've got for now, trying, as I always do, to keep these entries down to

* Earth;)
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