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Cat 1, Technology 0.0 - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Cat 1, Technology 0.0
I had a mixed-result day in Rochester today, my first in over two weeks.  The last stop of significance was at my computer guru's.  Vinny was out when I got there, but he'd left his two cats in charge.

Both are what would be described on a medical record as "well developed, well nourished." Ernie, the boy, is a grey tabby who looks frighteningly like the kids' dear departed Arthur. (Note to self: we still need to get round to burying the cat, now that he's finally keeping still.)  His sister Stephanie is a remarkable looking long-haired calico. She was outside when Vinny came back to the shop, and I shooed her into his labor-atory. 

He explained that they both have habits of getting out, although they try harder to rein the boy in; Ernie's more the hunting type, plus he's dumb enough to get stuck in places for weeks at a time.  Their girlkitty tends to just sit and quietly smell the flowers, so they give her more leeway. Besides, Vinny said, he has a GPS tracker on her.

Um, or not.  Because despite the length of her fur, it was pretty quickly obvious that she'd shed her collar, which is where the GPS unit was hanging. On the other hand, at least they can do a Find My Collar on the thing as long as it hasn't died or been smashed.

This now seems like an excellent idea for our wandering mew. Zoey goes through tagged collars like I go through changes of socks, and the tags from those cutesy engraving machines at Petsmart add up over time.  Given how much she likes to go out, and given how embarrassing it'd be to have her turn up outside while we're trying to shame our neighbors into keeping THEIR kitty indoors, I'm thinking such a gizmo for her collar would be worth it.

I just don't know if we should get one that runs Windows or Safari.
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