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Get me to the churrrrch onnnnnn timmmmme.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Get me to the churrrrch onnnnnn timmmmme....
Two nights ago, I dreamed about oversleeping today and being late for the final service officiated in Rochester by the minister who married us.  Didn't happen; I set my alarm and was actually awake five minutes before it went off.

The only thing that didn't go off at that point was me.  I didn't sleep all that well; the day promised to be rainy and disgusting; and I wanted to be here, and near, for anything Eleanor needed as she added to the tiling.

So instead, on Susan's final day "playing the Big Church" (as one of our Buffalo ministers once called it), Asbury came to us:

They stream every week; I'd never watched before.  The video paused a few times, the audio once or twice, but the almost 90 minutes of memories were worth every pixel.

As I summarized it earlier in an almost-live Facebooking:

Thirty-four years of memories: check.

Plenty of inside and not-so-inside jokes about Methodists being Methodists: check.

Memories of the
late Margie Mayson and their brief but amazing shared ministry: check.

Shoutout to the
Reconciling Ministries Network which her congregation has so bravely and inspirationally joined: check.

An endowed pastorship in her honor and tradition, which has already received donations which exceed my current church's entire annual budget (and is about to get one more): a $655,000 check.

She also presided over a baptism- this one of a 10-year-old who had never had it done in the usual infanty way, and who wanted so much to have Susan be the one to provide that blessing.  She did so, referring to the young woman, as she did Emily 23 springs ago, as an "unrepeatable miracle."  Those words, and so much of the music, brought me well past goosebumps and about as close to tears as I ever get.

If I'd seen her in person today, she would have been overwhelmed by everything else going on and likely wouldn't have processed a second of it.  She is still, technically, Appointed to that church for two more days.  She ended her final sermon today by saying, "My desk is empty but my heart is full."  On the off chance she'll need a pen or something tomorrow, I might just stop over there and see if she's around.  To add three thank yous to today's Hallelujah Chorus of them:

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