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"The Big Ugly." - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
"The Big Ugly."
That's a term of art in New York politics- for the catch-all, everything-including-new-taxes-on-the-kitchen-sink  legislation that comes out of Albany like a post-constipation product at the end of every June before the Lej essentially takes the rest of the year off. This year's was passed near the end of last week and represented the results of the usual games of chicken and horse-trading that consistently rank our state government as the most corrupt in the nation, yay!

Because I'd heard it used so much, I appropriated it for my own purposes today, to define the work I was doing on this quasi-holiday.

When the 4th falls on a Sunday, it's celebrated officially the next day. But Saturday is still, technically, a banking and mail-delivering kinda day, so those institutions were begrudgingly open today, as were a few other places.  For Eleanor, it was just an ordinary Friday, and I didn't have the interest or the practical alternatives to take the day completely off, so I used it for one of my own Big Ugly projects.

It's a case that's been kicking around in one form or another since 2010 and has spawned at least two separate NYS lawsuits with multiple parties, a bankruptcy with several affiliated formal objections and complaints, and back in April, a motion that weighed in at just under 16 pounds when served on me (and a lawyer representing some of the other parties) earlier this year.   Most of that weight was devoted to duplicating prior papers from the litigation, which I had to make fun of once seeing the number: in my response, I congratulated the plaintiff for presumably breaking "the local record for number of exhibits on a single motion:- 95 of them, a number your affirmant cannot recall seeing in this context since the biography of Martin Luther."

Yet despite all of that, there were things that still needed to be said, and I'd been waiting for a good, quiet day to collect thoughts and pounds of paper to say them.  It turned out I'd already drafted most of the essential information a few years ago, a few documents that somehow didn't make it into the 95 Theses.  So the Big Ugly is a lot prettier than it was when the day began, and I think I will be able to get it submitted on time next week.

The kids and grandkittehs got here sometime around 4; the usual hour's drive from their place wound up taking close to twice that on account of all the post-Canada Day and pre-ID4 idiots out on the 90.  I'd begun the next phase of the kitchen work before they arrived, stripping and moving the hutch from the kitchen. They've got most of the painting done already, and even got the extra help offered by Zoey, who decided to dive paws-first into the roller tray. Fortunately, I wrangled her from behind before she got any on anything other than herself and my t-shirt (which kinda matches the paint anyway;), and one quick cleanup visit to the loo got the rest off of her.

Westley is in their room. He seems a little skittish but not terribly upset.  Their older one is mostly hiding in corners and hissing at anything that moves.

Happy Almost 4th, and I hope you manage to leave behind anything Ugly you might've had in your own lives.
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