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Take Donnie's Advice....Please. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Take Donnie's Advice....Please.

May as well join me, because I did, indeed,

Where to begin? I suppose at the beginning.

I got stood up by the client who I'd left stupid-early to see in the other office first thing- but I could remedy that by heading home by way of the client's home, which is sortof on the way to Lockport, where I also needed to go sometime this week.

The second client did show up, but claimed to not know something that he was advised of at least three times in writing and a fourth time orally.  Fortunately, nothing bad has happened on account of that. Yet.

Next, I tried to connect with a third client who will be away all of next week, but who didn't get my message about meeting near her workplace until after I was 20 miles away from it. Which likely means a return trip Friday.

After a useless downtown stop, I headed to Client the First's place, who was close to half an hour late and kept me even longer than that- meaning I made it to the necessary Lockport place at almost exactly Five Minutes Past Sorry We're Closed.  At least I know exactly where it is now when I return tomorrow.

I also know that there's a bitch of a construction jam on Transit Road between there and here, because I spent close to another half hour stuck in it, meaning my hope of a late-afternoon workout was shot to pieces.

In between all of those, I got a call from Emily with bad news (their car is "sounding funny" again and that sound may be that of a funeral march if it's what I think it is- we've begun urgent planning of a long-overdue Family Meeting between us and his 'rents to see who can do what for them), and another one from my sister with worse news (one of her best friend's dogs is likely heading for Rainbow Bridge tomorrow- admittedly after a long and pampered life, but it still sucks).

Oh, and the Mets played an early game and blew an early lead, so at least they didn't disappoint me after dinner.  Being home has been more of a bright spot of my day than usual, in fact.

On the bright sides? I settled a long-overdue-for-settlement case, cleared all but a handful of overdue chores from last month's Closing from Hell, got friended on Goodreads by an actual author I might meet next month, and All That Driving was in lovely weather including a nice long stretch within feet of the Lake Ontario shoreline.  There's something tremendously comforting about that kind of view when you're otherwise stressing. And tomorrow, while I likely will return to Lockport (by an alternate route), it's lovely to know that I don't have to at any particular time.

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