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The Fourth Time's the Charm, or,.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
The Fourth Time's the Charm, or,....
Now, when I get into this grandfather clock, you hit me over the head with this bottle of Champagne, right here, set the dial for a thousand, and put in three dimes.

You likely have no idea what those mean relative to today, but trust me. The Karma was strong with this one- all four times through my office door.

The first was at 8:30 this morning. I had a routine bankruptcy hearing for a definitely not-routine client. He's 85, cute as all get-out, and today was his one day to appear before the Ministers of Finance making sure that he was entitled to discharge a rather large amount of debt he'd run up. I guessed that he (and his daughter who drove him) would have issues finding the hearing location, so we met at my office and I drove them downtown. I dropped them close as I could to the entrance (he uses a cane), circled the block, and found a space a few hundred yards short of the entrance.

On-street parking down there was especially scarce this morning, and to feed the parking-receipt machine they mostly use here, I had to wait for a woman to finish first- and she was having trouble. They take coins and credit cards but not bills, and she was coming up short. When she asked if I had change for a dollar bill, I fished in my car and found the aforementioned three dimes- which were just enough for what she needed. She offered me the buck; I of course declined. And sure enough, she wound up in the same hearing room as me- she, as a debtor about to be examined- once I'd fed that machine with my own credit card. Debtors can't use credit cards; even getting hands on a major card-branded debit card can be tricky. And what more indignity could you heap on someone going bankrupt than getting a parking ticket because there's no free parking anywhere near Bankruptcy Court? So I helped a sister out with the tiniest act of kindness....

and Karma's first repay of the day came moments later.

Even though my case was toward the end of the 9:30 list, the trustee called us first. He'd clearly figured out that my client was old, and cute, and that nothing was in issue. Although it took some yelling to get him to hear the trustee's questions, we were out of there by 9:45 and back at my office to drop them off by 10:30 (stop number two of the day). I figured that early exit would be payback enough for the small kindness.

Apparently, though, it wasn't.


The mail wasn't in yet, so I made a third stop around 2 to pick that up and have a disgustingly delicious piece of canoli-filled birthday cake somebody'd brought in. Once I finished getting another client's post-filing filing ready, I realized I had to head back out for some other stuff, and decided to work in an Orange Theory class at 4:15. I've been having problems keeping my heart monitor active for the full hour there; I just sweat too much and I think it gorks the battery.  So today, I wrapped the monitor in Saran wrap and it lasted the whole time!

But then I realized: I'd I'd forgotten the little man with the evil grin mail in my back seat that needed extra postage, so it was back to the office a fourth time. As I waited for the meter to warm up, I saw a blue envelope in my mailbox. Aww- I guessed it was a thank you card from the client or his daughter. It was nothing of the sort.

It was, essentially, full payment for work I'd done for friends of mine over last year into early 2015, which I told them repeatedly I expected no payment for. It was indeed a thank you card, and the thanks were expressed sweetly, succinctly, and sternly if I had any thoughts about not cashing their check.

I wrote them back that I was flabbergasted, but very appreciative. Between the reno being a constantly moving target, a trip coming up and the kids' car being of uncertain lifespan, it was just enough to give us a cushion to not have to worry about every bill getting paid on time, whether incoming or outgoing. It was a blessing beyond words- and while Eleanor doesn't necessarily believe in the connection between the three dimes and the day's end, she agrees that it at least makes a nice story.

Which I have now shared.
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tilia_tomentosa From: tilia_tomentosa Date: July 29th, 2015 11:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
It's a nice story indeed, karma or no karma, and you do deserve a little reward for your kindness now and then. :)

ellettra From: ellettra Date: July 30th, 2015 09:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
What a great story!! I totally see the connection!!
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