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In which there IS Crying In Baseball.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
In which there IS Crying In Baseball....
The Mets lost last night- and not just a game. They lost a ton of credibility with their players and fans.

During the game against San Diego, word got out that they'd arranged a trade with the Milwaukee Brewers- for a respected hitter, a piece which their lineup has sadly lacked all year due to bad planning and injuries.  Two Mets were to be sent to the Midwest- a highly-touted pitcher (but one who had season-ending arm surgery right before the start of 2015 and isn't expected back until next June), and a somewhat underwhelming shortstop.

The traded pitcher was nowhere around to comment on the deal, but Wilmer Flores sure was: he was not only the dugout, crying as word of the trade wended through social media and onto the players' smartphones, but he was still in the game. That's virtually unheard of when a deal is done, lest one of the players get injured, ejected or otherwise screws the pooch of the trade.  And when he came up for what tens of thousands of Mets fans thought was his final at-bat for a team that signed him seven years ago when he was 16, the only team he's ever known, the emotion was all on his batting sleeve as the home crowd gave him a standing ovation:

[There's supposed to be an embedded video here. Apprently the Mets can't even get THAT right:P]

Just one problem: the trade didn't happen. There was a medical issue with either the incoming hitter or the outgoing pitcher. And in post-game pressers, the Met manager pleaded ignorance about not knowing about one of his nine starting players having been traded during the game; and his boss, who made and probably killed the deal, went all get-off-my-lawn on social media users for jumping the gun on the news.

Somehow, the Mets scored seven runs today without the reinforcement. Unfortunately, the Padres scored eight because suddenly our closer can't hold a lead.  All of this has become the latest illustration of an ongoing Internet Thing, with the twitter hashtag #lolMets mocking their utter incompetence off the field which eclipses even their frequent on-field incompetence.

Amazin' Amazin' Amazin'.


Yet I still love them, and the sport, which gets us to another potential source of crying.

A friend of mine had twins earlier this month: a boy and a girl. They're adorable.  I struggled with the What To Get for the occasion that wouldn't be repetitive or obvious, but then I remembered: Buffalo is the home, right downtown, of the world headquarters and flagship team store of the New Era cap company- the one that outfits all major league baseball teams and plenty of other sports.  I thought a nice pair of infant-size hats from one particular team would fill the,um, bill:

I walked in and said to the guy working the sales floor, a friend of mine just had twins, so do you know what I want?  He did not- but as soon as I pointed him to the Minnesota Twins sample (adult size) cap on display, he instantly knew where I was going with it. Alas, they don't cover many teams with smaller sizes, but he suggested I try online. Wot I did, and thanks to my remaining two weeks of Amazon Optimus Prime, it should be here by the time my friend goes back to work next week.

I just hope she doesn't prematurely announce a screwed-up trade that would've sent them off to Cleveland for a couple of long relievers;)
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drbear From: drbear Date: July 31st, 2015 01:02 am (UTC) (Link)
And today, Carlos Gomez goes to the Astros, who think his hip is just fine. The Mets have a LOT of explaining to do.
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