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There's a fine line between HGTV and ADHD;) - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
There's a fine line between HGTV and ADHD;)
I mentioned about a week ago that I started doing some of the cabinet door sanding for the kitchen.  There turns out to be more to the story than that. 

A day or so after I finally started learning and then doing this part of the process, Eleanor asked me to set up the movie Surf's Up for her on a computer. I didn't have much recollection of the film, but whatevs.  Then, she brought it out to our usual viewing spot to continue watching last night, and I finally "got it."

First, and rather off-topic, I got to wondering about this, which was one of the many warnings and disclaimers shown at the start of the film:


What, exactly, was Interpol trying to prevent from being pirated in September 1977? Polaroid pictures of Space Invaders arcade displays? Prints of 35mm films?  This was years before VCRs became common household items, and the only way to even pirate music recordings was to hold a cassette recorder microphone up to a radio or turntable.  Maybe Marty McFly had something to do with it.

I let that conundrum pass, and we eventually got to the point in the film where the "star" penguin (voiced by Shia LeBouf) meets a mysterious older surfer penguin who Jeff Bridges basically plays all the way through as his Big Lebowski "Dude" self.  In time, we get to the point where he reveals his true identity as the younger surfer's idol, and sets out to teach him how to make a board:

This, it turns out, was the scene Eleanor remembered from the film which our prior-weekend warrioring had brought back to her memory. As I watched it, it reminded me a lot more of the way my father used to (failingly) try to teach me shit like this, more than it did the way she'd done it a few days before. She was a lot more patient and illustrative. But once I got the connection, I embraced it.

I did three more cabinet doors today after doing one other yesterday- and all of them went more smoothly once we realized that the power sander has a "hold" button on it that keeps it going without having to hold down the trigger- letting you use that finger's worth of arm strength to accomplish the actual sanding. But as she checked on things today, several times I just smiled and said, "My board. MY board." We got a lot more of it done today; she's lucky that, unlike the Dude's best friend, I WILL sand on fucking Shabbos.

As I get better at the basics of this stuff, I also get more into the more conceptual things- sometimes for good, sometimes not.

Earlier in the week, I suggested moving the microwave to the other side of the fridge from the spot the new one, and its two predecessors, have been on the one side since we moved here. The new one's both wider and deeper, and there's now very little usable counter space there. But, since Eleanor uses the counter space on the other side, we passed on that "improvement."

Yet my inner Martha Stewart was not done. Eleanor had added a "rope light" to the fridge top, which got plugged in on the side with the microwave where there was only one open outlet for three different items (the light, our kettle for making coffee, and the toaster). I'd previously moved the kettle closer to the sink where there was outlet room for it, but we still were looking at having to plug and unplug the rope light every time we needed the toaster, plus every morning and night to turn it on and off (it has no switch).

Wheels turned- and by the time she got home last night, I'd connected the rope light to an outlet hidden behind the fridge- AND put it on a 24-hour timer (one of the old-school mostly-mechanical type which spins and flips pins on the dial to govern the onning and offing). I set to turn it on at roughly breakfast time and off at kinda-bedtime.

Eleanor was impressed- "That's pretty HGTV of you!" was the compliment....

except what moi heard was, "That's pretty ADHD of you!" And we don't even GET that channel;)

And, come the middle of the night last night, I also discovered that we didn't get the desired effect of the timer; the dial's pins were shot and it was permanently on all night. But one Lowe's run later, I had it replaced with a more newfangled digital one that will turn it on at EXACTLY 0630 and off at PRECISELY 2300- and one that even has an internal battery backup.

The rope light abides;)


We're going to watch some more Alpha House episodes with John Goodman tonight. But it'll be after sundown, so he shouldn't have a problem with that.
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cafemusique From: cafemusique Date: August 1st, 2015 10:49 pm (UTC) (Link)
You had me curious enough to Google and find the two-page PDF of the resolution from 1977, which looks to have been typed on a typewriter.


But the background to it? *shrug*

onlyonechoice From: onlyonechoice Date: August 2nd, 2015 06:16 am (UTC) (Link)
I just showed my friend Surf's Up, a movie I thought would be dumb but I absolutely love. That scene cracks me up every time.
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