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Wired, watched, almost weady to weave.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Wired, watched, almost weady to weave....
Tech The Second had the interwebs at the house back up round 3 yesterday afternoon. Those solid blue lights on the modem look awful pretty.

Also around that time, the Season 3 Orphan Black disk set arrived, and we watched the specials from it last night. We'd seen the blooper reel online (although not the full twerking scene that they showed complete with the full rap audio track underneath it), but the tech stuff about the sets, the new set of clones, the Technodolly from Hell, and this season's final scene were a lot of fun.

Then tonight, we finished up the second season of Alpha House.  They left a lot of loose ends for a still-unconfirmed third series to tie together. They also made a rather prescient prediction of a real-life storyline that occurred after the second season had wrapped and been released: Sen. Guzman breaks with traditional Little Havana and proposes normalizing relations with Cuba. Who'd have thunk before last December that this would even have a prayer of happening with a Republican-controlled Congress?

While most of the humor is pointed at real-life Republicans, a surprising number of their ranks have done cameos on the show- no elected officials I can think of yet, but RNC chair Michael Steele and government-bathtub-drowner Grover Norquist have both had walk-ons.  And so many of the fake teabaggers are just as real, and if anything less scary, than their IRL counterparts.


The week has remained Mostly Quiet, allowing some extra sanding to get worked in and hopefully more tomorrow.  Round 9:30 tomorrow morning, I have what I hope will be my final x-ray and checkup on the broken bone in the paw from April; my new workout class relies mostly on treadmills for the cardio component (and theirs are much better built to prevent falling off before turning the machines on:P), and I've been resigned each time to the single elliptical which is sortof, but not really, what everybody else is doing. It'll be nice to get off of the Kids' Table sooner rather than later.

And speaking of later, I will be saying "See ya later" to the clients for three whole workdays and a weekend starting early Friday. My hope is to make Maryland by mid-afternoon this time, getting out of here earlier and only stopping near Rochester for some quick filings and to bring Emily some stuff out her way.  I've got the Mets all set for Monday night, scoring access for less than the list price- a phenomenon that's going to be harder to find as they continue (dare I say it?) winning.  Then it'll be back here Tuesday, with, now, two more things slotted in starting the day after I get back to work plus the full plate I had to begin with.

Maybe I should try cloning. Or hire some dumb Republicans to live with me and make some of those appearances.
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