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Good beginnings, good endings.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Good beginnings, good endings....
My day began with good news: it proved to be my final visit to the orthopedists to check the healing on the foot bone I done broked back in late April.  It appears to be all healed, and I am now off restriction! Which means 5Ks and treadmills are (much more carefully) back in my plans:)

It also ended with happiness: I took on a case that's really outside my expertise for an older couple from church, and it required a Night Court appearance tonight.  I duly wrote "night ct" on Eleanor's work schedule on the fridge so she'd remember- but somehow my chickenscratch registered with her as "night vet" or something similar- and she was confused, thinking I was out at a cat(s) vet appointment when all three of the little imbeciles were quite clearly in the house.  Once she knew what was what, she fed them all, and I proceeded to get matters against the sortof-client dismissed- but just by being there, I jumped them in the queue over numerous people who didn't have a lawyer with them.  They insisted on paying; I was even more insistent on not letting them. There will instead be a supper in our future, courtesy of the two of them.  And dinner here, once I finally did get home, was quite nice.

In between was a lot of running around- to a friend's office, to another friend's home to check out a possible not-so-small-claims case she might have, and finally to my own office before heading to Nightcourtland.  I didn't get everything done in between I wanted to, but managed it all well enough that I can plan on a peaceful all-day drive to Maryland tomorrow.

There was also one weird communication in there: from a Long Island court I'd filed papers in last week. They apparently finally arrived down there today, and they had issues with them. But instead of them calling, I got an email asking ME to call them- because, apparently, this long-standing cog in the Unified Court System of the State of New York cannot place long-distance phone calls anywhere beyond New York City or Westchester.

It immediately made me think of this as their apparent new court logo:


One more day driving through Flyover Country, then I'll stop in there before the game Monday to deal with them in person:)

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