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Balti-Moar - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Day three.  Fewer pictures, but a lot of going Back in Time:


(There was a Doc Brown Delorean in the Shore Leave car park. Didn't come out too well because of the flux capacitor being on.)

We got back there a bit before 11 this morning for the Orphan Black panel. As we walked toward that room, I noticed another presentation was about to start on the subject of dog training.  At a sci-fi convention?  In this case, yes- and it meant my quest was finally over.

Howie Weinstein was a few years ahead of me in high school. He got his story from our science magazine optioned and ultimately made for the official Star Trek animated series on NBC from the mid-70s. I last saw him in our advisor's classroom a year or so after that. Two years running and into the final hours of the third, I still hadn't met him with us all growed up. But I knew his second career was as a dog trainer (he occasionally blogs here in that capacity at puppykissesblog), so I took a chance, wandered in, and we finally got that meet:


I'd hoped to talk at him further at a later panel we was scheduled for, but that wound up not happening. Ah well; puppy steps, Ray.

The OB panel was great. Lots of speculation on things past and to come (one thing we missed:

[Spoiler (click to open)]Was it Shay who shot Delphine at the end of the latter's role?).We riffed on the bebbies and the "I get refund" moments of Helena.

Then Tink bought a bunny.


(He came to Wegmans with us.) I figured "John Bunnyman" would be the suitable name, and it's stuck. She'll be costuming him for next summer's Bunny Costume contest. My contribution will be to bring the Minion fart gun so we can re-enact the "prove it" story Barrowman told yesterday.

We finished with a second missed opportunity. Our first stop Friday night was a talk by Daniel Davis, a classically trained actor (from Arkansas, of all places) whose sci-fi cred comes mostly from playing Moriarty on a few Next Generation episodes of Trek. After we got back here last night, Donna flipped the tv on and there he was in one of those very episodes.  I saw him at a table signing autographs today and told him it'd just been on; he thanked me for the heads-up (and the $1.98 royalty check he should now look out for), but couldn't sign because I didn't have enough cash for the autograph fee.  An hour later, I did: cashback on my Wegmans Shoppers Club card works just fine down here. And I got back to his table moments before our last panel, but just in time for him to head off to another panel himself so I never got it.

So just picture an autograph in your mind on this publicity shot:


Getting to talk with him was just as nice, so I've got that going:)


Then, having been to the 1970s and 1890s (almost), I reset the controls for about 1985, for friends from college I hadn't seen since then.

Andy and Julie have been married for 31 years, working at the same Baltimore-DC gigs about as long, and in their current house for 20. We picked up more or less right where we left off, catching up about lives, kids, Mets and other diversions, and shared Peruvian chicken and a ton of memories. We were talking so non-stop, I never paused for the obligatory picture- but was glad as can be to have made that part of this trip, as well.

Tomorrow begins the return to the Here and Now, ending temporarily with the Mets and a more recent friend tomorrow night; they lost again today, but so did their closest competition,so I am assured of them still being in first place when I leave Flushing after the game....

Unless Biff comes back in the Delorean and screws it up:P
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