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Pictures at a Non-Exhibition - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Pictures at a Non-Exhibition
This one counted- and we made the most of it.

My guest was a blogger and fan friend Sharon- lawyer by training, mom by choice, but professional photographer in every sense except the checks rolling in.  I got in from Long Island a bit before 5, she from Jersey via the Long Island Rail Rot a few minutes later. Pro tip #1 I learned: if you meet in McFadden's bar which is actually annexed to the ballpark, you get to go straight in from their venue as soon as the gates open up on the Chop Shop Avenue side of things.

That early open was her chance to get some pictures of some of the new Mets since a bunch of the trade-deadline moves at the end of July, and we camped in outfield seats so we could get pictures when the good guys came out for warmups. And by "we" I mostly mean her- this shot of Daniel Murphy doing a Silly Walk was the best my lil iPhone 4 could manage-

-while the real camera got the real story:

(All the good ones here are Sharon's, under Creative Commons license, and are all here.)

Our former favorite shortstop Jose Reyes returned in enemy gear; here he's batting-

And here, he's holding down first after getting a hit in the first at-bat of the game, right before getting thrown out trying to steal second:

Our pitcher got, and quickly lost, a one-run lead, but the bats and some luck finally arrived in the bottom of the seventh and the Mets went up, 4-2.  Our new setup guy got them out in the eighth, just in time for the Billy Joel singalong. Perhaps the only thing Sharon doesn't do well in photos is selfie-ing (short arms), so I had to make do for that one:

(Yes, that's my Twelve TARDIS tee.)

Then she caught the closer coming in for the final inning and then getting his celebratory hug for the 1-2-3-outs-yer-done ninth:

At all times, Sharon was kind about making sure she wasn't being distracting or demanding in the seat locations or questions about the shots- which she was quite particular about getting just right. I told her I enjoyed watching her work, and that I understood this. Indeed: I'm married to this:)

Two finals she took of me earlier on from the outfield seats:  one watching the then-empty out-of-town scoreboard-

-and then last, but definitely not least, the one showing the happiness of being at the home of the Mets during a pennant race:

That "home" is still not quite broken-in for such purposes- when the radio broadcasters called the go-ahead runs in the bottom of the seventh, they referred to Citi Field finally sounding like Shea. So on my way back to my car, I had to find a piece of the old dump to offer my respects:

They're all still in their original 1964-2008 locations (the bases plus the pitching rubber), but they're not marked above pavement level and you just have to remember more-or-less where they are. But somehow, I always do.

A day and 400-plus miles later, I'm home and back to my usual watching from sofas and scoreboards (from which, at the moment, they're again winning. Barely.) But it's good to return there with the friends who I both knew before and made, however ephemerally, through our shared chants and collective happiness at the end.

And you can put that in the books- as well as the lens:)
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greenquotebook From: greenquotebook Date: August 20th, 2015 04:32 am (UTC) (Link)
OK, the original base markers are awesome. I might have to go visit next time I'm in NYC just for the history. Last time I was at Shea, Tom Seaver was pitching.
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