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Follow That Bird! And His Profits! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Follow That Bird! And His Profits!
Strange things have been happening in the wonderful world once created by Jim Henson. First came last week's shameless publicity stunt for the new ABC-Disney Muppet television series: Kermie and Piggy announcing their breakup.  In a weird coincidence, I passed this very billboard on my way to Baltimore last week:

One can assume THAT will be coming down now;)

But the even more shocking news came today on the Children's Television Workshop side of Muppet Central: After almost half a century of exclusive airing on US public television, Sesame Street is cutting its hour-long episodes down to 30 minutes- and from now on will be airing them, initially at least, on HBO.  (PBS affiliates will still have access to the back catalog as well as the newly produced episodes after a nine-month gestation period of premium cable exclusivity.)

Seeing how well the Muppet-Disney marriage has gone over the years (said nobody, ever), one can only imagine the awwwkwarrrrds that will come from this mix of kid and adult content.  OF COURSE I have examples:

* Paulie Walnuts and Christophuh from The Sopranos teach the kids how to count dead bodies: ONE enemy whacked, yo; TWO enemies whacked, yo....;

* "Maria" replaced by "Carrie," who will provide the girls with helpful tips on dating and shoes;

* Bert and Ernie join the cast of Looking;

Big Bird again learns to face the adult concepts of death and dying after spending half a season guesting on Game of Thrones;

* Sesame Street News: Kermit, out; Will McAvoy, in!

* This week on Six Feet Under:

* Disney executives get into the back catalog and remove all references to "Put Down the Duckie;" Ernie now required to bathe with Donald Duck at all times; Bert is not pleased;

* Larry David and Oscar the Grouch exchange places and nobody notices;

* Snuffleupagus wanders off Sesame Street, is beaten up by Crips, and becomes a prop on The Wire.

I'd better stop. I'm getting to close to putting Mr. Hooper in a Big Love joke and I don't think I could ever like myself again after that.
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