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Left behind. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Left behind.

This was going to be a series of "left" entries about things from today- but both LJ and Semagic conspired to eat the first two of those lefts, plus they've changed my draft font to something weird, so I'm going to cut down on the text.

* Left behind. (Well, other than my @#$%&* draft): we have three laptops eligible for free Windows 10 upgrades.  The one I'm using now is the newest, and has a quite legal copy of Windows 8.1 on it, but I finally tried downloading it onto here today after fails with both of the older ones (my backup Win 7 laptop got the notification for it but won't download it because it's missing "network devices," while Eleanor's Win 8.1 machine installed it nicely but it's being wiped off because Windows 10 is not playing well with HP hardware so far- and she has other issues that are now being diagnosed at Office Max and will likely result in her getting a new laptop on their dime).

The fail continued. I was told I couldn't even download the app to acquire the download for this Toshiba laptop, because I allegedly did not have an eligible Windows copy. After many machinations, I discovered that I was short several dozen "optional" Windows Updates (those downloads have always been wonky on this machine), and once they were all on, the White Window of Hope appeared in the systray.  I am now in the queue to get it, which will give me time to check out whether it crashes Toshibas like it apparently crashes HPs.


* Left early.  Right after Eleanor returned from dropping off her laptop, it was time for us to head to a weddin.  It was outdoors and emphatically casual, so Eleanor matched the earrings I got for her at Shore Leave-

- with a yellow necklace she's had for a while, depicting ba naaaaaa naaaaaas:)

My friend's brother officiated at his sister's wedding, with his fresh credentials from the Universal Life Church. See? There's proof!

The ceremony was brief but lovely- we were as touched by their spoken words as by the fact that Lisa's dog Baxter chose to spend the entire service at our feet:)  Then the DJ started up. "Blurred Lines" and "White Punks on Dope" weren't exactly what our memories were from almost 28 years ago. So we excused ourselves before the liquor really got flowing and the Electric Sliders got stuck in the flooded mud in her back yard.


* Left hanging.  When I got home earlier this afternoon from picking up their card and gift, I discovered that another giving of ours had been seriously dissed: our birdfeeder was on the ground, stripped bare, the screw and lockwasher that keep it connected to the lid still connected to the lid but severed from the feeder itself, likely by a couple of kamikaze squirrels. I was pissed, but not discouraged. While Eleanor did some more sanding in the kitchen after the wedding, I fiddled with replacement screws and got one of them roughly back into the spot they'd stripped it from. It's back up and, as of a few minutes ago, the varmints had yet to defeat it again.


* Left's Go, Mets!  (Okay, I'm pushing it.) Our youngest cat Zoey regularly slips out of her collar/ID tag- and she's the one most likely to try running outside.  I needed dog fud when I was out this morning, so I stopped at the machine to grab a new one for her- one she'd likely not try to shed, maybe even root for!


I told her if she gets out of this one, she risks the wrath of both Thor and the Dark Knight. Thor far, thor good:)

And Bat's all the news I've got for tonight.

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yesididit2 From: yesididit2 Date: August 16th, 2015 01:18 am (UTC) (Link)
i have a toshiba laptop that had windows 8.1 on it. i upgraded to windows 10 and so far all has gone well and i am really liking it.

my dad has read horror stories online and has been telling my mom NOT to upgrade her windows 8.1 laptop to windows 10. she wants to tho.
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