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You know it's a REAL Mercury-Retrograde Monday when.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
You know it's a REAL Mercury-Retrograde Monday when....
....Your dental appointment is the highlight of your day.  That went quite well, considering the line of bad teeth I come from. In and out of the chair in under half an hour, no x-rays or lectures.

Then there were the surrounding eleven hours or so.

I've been up since close to 5; Eleanor goes in at 8 a.m. every day this week, and I was supposed to be in Rochester at 8:30 today to accompany a client to an important meeting, so it made sense to just stay up when roused by the Grand Parade of Whiny Animals.  One of them, the youngest cat, celebrated her acquiring a new collar/tag combo by running outside for several hours last night; I did catch her, but I think she spent part of her adventure in the compost heap, thus evoking (in more ways than one) this wonderful old cartoon:

I fed them, got ready for work, did some sweeping and vacuuming I'd literally slept through being able to remember to do yesterday, tried to get on the road,.... and found I'd lost my phone:P

The Find app confirmed it was in the house, and it finally turned up under a newspaper. I was still 40 miles out of the 585 when the 8:30 appointment came up, and it wound up just as well I didn't kill it to get there on time: no client.  Once I got to my office there I tried calling, and found the client has an annoying mobile app which "transcribes" every voicemail into Pidgin.  I get copies  of them back myself; they're indecipherable. Finally, I get a text: Did U call?  Um, yeah. Also emailed, but that didn't work either.  Turns out I'm supposed to be texting all important messages. OMGLOL.

Next, I discovered that a check I've been waiting on for weeks, which was allegedly sent to me last week, was sent last week. To Florida.  But payable to me. Seven calls and emails later, STILL nobody knew if it had been received, cashed, returned, anything.  The sender couldn't verify because they had their latest in a Series of Unfortunate Events that kept them from checking their online bank records. (As I told the client, this outfit has more stories than the Brothers Grimm.)  So I'm still in the dark as to whether I will actually have these funds in time to pay any bills with them; unlike some people, my creditors actually expect me to send things to the correct address.

I called- and texted- everybody involved in the missed 8:30 meeting and heard back from only one of them about Friday being a good day. Nobody else confirmed anything.  WTF.

By now it was 2, and time for teeth. Best day ever for that.

Next, I stopped for lunch: place had a sign up that it was closed unexpectedly (and hopefully not permanently).

Then it was time for a conference call, which was a clusterfudge of fail.  God bless them, some courts actually let you conduct routine business by phone.  Here's how we used to do it:

* At appointed time, judge's secretary calls Party of the First Part;

* Secretary hits hold button and calls Party of the Second Part;

* Secretary intercoms the judge and hits the conference button.

It's so easy, a five-year-old could do it, but we're all in our 30s or older, so clearly it's too hard for us. Here's how we do it now:

* Secretary makes a call half hour BEFORE the appointed time to remind the parties to call into a conference-service line.

* At appointed time, Party One and Two each dial* a number, which Party Two (me) finally figured out on the third try is always the same for a given judge. So Party Two has it stored in his mobile under the judge's name. But it's not just a toll-free number, but also requires an access code (also immutable for that judge) and a bunch of pound-sign prompts that do not fit in a field that Siri can dial from. So the whole thing is stored in the "Notes" section of "Contacts," from which I tried to "Copy" it so I could "Read" it on one screen while "Dialing" from another and instead "Deleted" all 347 characters of it. Thus leading to a late and apologetic call to the secretary who's probably wondering why she even bothers with us idiots.

Fortunately, in the intervening time, I'd made it almost halfway home. I finished the sanding project I ALSO slept through doing yesterday, caught up on a bunch of stuff online, and now only need to floss to keep this day from being as close to perfect as it's ever gonna get.


* I know, there hasn't been a dial phone in any home or office of mine since the first Bush Administration. Old habits die hard.
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yesididit2 From: yesididit2 Date: August 18th, 2015 01:03 am (UTC) (Link)
yay for short dentist visits! if only they could all go that way. i have bad teeth too.

love that cartoon! and my dogs FULLY agree with it, much to my occasional dismay.

hope your check shows up!

i havent had a house phone since shortly after i moved into this house 11 years ago.
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