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♫And now, the end is near, and so I face, the final cabinet....♫ - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
♫And now, the end is near, and so I face, the final cabinet....♫
We might finish the kitchen this weekend.

I know, that is major temptation of gods just saying it, but way more is Done than Not Done. Just two cabinet doors remain to be removed and sanded, along with one of those panel thingies that ventilates the cabinet under the sink.  Their nearest neighbours were removed and sanded this afternoon, as was the similar panel directly under the cooktop. That one still needs more sanding, and there's plenty that  still need to be stained, diddly-bit-painted, sealed and rehung, including several other cabinet doors and the two biggest drawers in the kitchen. But some of that is already in progress.  Oh, and finally there's putting everything back where it belongs- the end to searching endlessly for small items on the kitchen island table, no more hauling pots and pans from the futon in Emily's room.

There's still one wall in need of painting and redecorating, but I'm not counting that as part of the Big Project.   Only two free-standing cabinets and a table will have to leave that area; one cabinet already has, and the table is largely irrelevant now anyway, since the cat fud stashes on it have already been moved, and the landline phone on it will be out of here within a month.

As I told Eleanor tonight, it's not the work itself that's been the hardest part- although at times it has- but rather the disruption caused by moving things to temporary unfamiliar places.  Some things have already moved permanently, and I'm more-or-less used to them now; others will also find new homes, but more of them will return to where they'd always been.


And then I played my own game of There, I Fixed It.

The birdfeeder out front- a sturdy metal construction, with two sides to fill with two different kinds of seed- got whacked last Saturday.    I replaced it with essentially the same type of unit earlier today- this shows how it works and what Asshole Psycho Squirrels did to ruin it:

Here's the new one: bigger, sturdier and even slightly cheaper than the one it replaced, but of the same basic design. The lid connects via a screw sticking out from the (welded-in) divider of the two sections, and it is then held down by the ring on top which screws onto the stuck-out screw.

Like so. What the varmints did, we believe, was dive-bomb onto the lid with sufficient force to remove the screw from its mooring on the bottom. A hole remained, and I found a screw that fit the nut on the ring, wedging the screw in so it more-or-less held.  And it did, with increasing difficulty in remounting it, until today, when just ordinary birdweight made it crash.

I went to Small Box Hardware Store where I'd bought the thing, and we brainstormed.  Various hooks might have hung through the hole in the divider, but their nominees were too short, too thick or too thin to work with the lid and ring.  The only two-section metal feeder they had  (forget glass and plastic ones- the squirrels laugh at those) was the same model which failed in less than three months.  But the guy did have one other thought: using a metal epoxy to bond the screw I already had into the makeshift hole left by the varmints.

It was a good thought, but it got implemented at Lowe's.  They had the bigger model shown above, and I bought a tube of a metal epoxy.  The old one is curing downstairs as we speak; we'll see if it holds.  Just as important, I can use the goop to reinforce the screw on the new one before the idiots try to break it off.

Total cost: 34 bucks. Sense of accomplishment: priceless.
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