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To Be at Citi Field or Not to Be at Citi Field.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
To Be at Citi Field or Not to Be at Citi Field....

I'm now scheduled to return to NYC/LI this Friday. It's the final installment of my latest  court foray into We're Not New York Like You're New York.  Or at least it was supposed to be: I got a call on Friday that might resolve the matter, which I'm waiting for the client to decide about. In that case, I could wrap it up on papers in the next day or so and not have to go.

Just one problem- and it's a nice problem to have.

When the date got set for this, I checked and saw the Mets would be home that night- AND that they were running a BOGO ticket deal. Also, it's against the Red Sox- a team I've never seen live. We share a mutual hatred of Bronxians with them, and they provided one of the finest moments in Met history a mere 29 Octobers ago.  Even better, the Sox rather Sux this year. So they make for a favourite among enemies, and an attractive draw.

The seats are nosebleedy this time, but plenty of other friends will be there who might allow poaching. And after some hellish days last week and likely another this coming Wednesday, it would make a nice ending to the workmonth.

Oh, and the case hasn't officially settled yet, so I may be ahead of myself here.

If I go just for the game, more options open. Flying, or taking Amtrak, become possible- and I could avoid Nausea County altogether. That day of Brooklynxploration becomes longer. Still- if any of you are around during the day- Sean, ima lookin at you- all kinds of cultural elitism is possible. At least until the Citi Field gates open.

ETA. Still undecided, but it's a different decision now.  The court itself postponed Friday's hearing,  sua sponte, as we say, with their usual courtesy:

Und you vill LIKE IT! (In fairness, our local court generates similar notices, probably from the same computer program, but they're usually nice enough to call first and confirm the date.)

So it's pretty much decided. If the case settles, as I still think it will, I'll make my journey this Friday.  If the hearing is still on, and on 9/11 yet, I'll make the trip then. Sadly, the Mets won't be home, but the Yankees will. Against Toronto. 

OK! Blue Jays! Let's play ball!

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