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Notes from a Weird (Yester)Day- Parts III and IV - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Notes from a Weird (Yester)Day- Parts III and IV
By the time I got to my office yesterday, the world had gone bad in a far worse than usual way.  Many friends of mine- going back to high school, continuing in college and many met through other channels but still connected now- work in media, used to do so, or have family members who do so. At least one has a daughter working in a city of similar size, and on stories of similar import, to the one that Alison Parker was working in and on when a madman took her life and that of her cameraman.

Needless to say, she, they, we- all quickly became wrecks.

There've been attempts to find equivalence to the Charleston shooting, since this now-dead shooter posted his own manifesto and had a history of playing Race Cards against Whitey. Problem is, there's nothing the Dominant Black Establishment can be shamed into doing that would be the equivalent of taking down the Confederate flag- because there isn't one.  All that can be done out of that equivalence attempt is to justify what the previous white killer did and restore the recently retired symbols that do exist which reinforced his foul racist beliefs.

Long before kindergarten, I learned that two wrongs don't make a right. And neither of them makes the most recent one hurt even the teeniest bit less.


Once that news got digested, the workday proceeded to suck some more. People I needed to talk to were not returning phone calls, texts, smoke signals or any form of communication. My own clients were nickel-and-diming me on paying for work I'd already done for them, and others, I learned, were away in far-flung places and wouldn't be offering even that nickel or dime for several weeks.  I'd been up since before 4 a.m., and had every reason to be tired and cranky and in need of my nap.

Yet I wasn't- and a single spontaneous moment saved me.

For all the people who weren't calling, there was one client who was.  He'd been scheduled for a 10:30 appointment yesterday, but he had previously called me, on my direct phone number, to reschedule to afternoon. I honestly forgot if we said 1 or 1:30, but it didn't matter, because he was late for both. They'd been holding the conference room for me, but with no sign of him, everybody (including me) broke for a late lunch in there.  Their office phone rang a few times during lunch, as it will, but eventually our youngest attorney would up answering the line.  After a few minutes, I realized: my client was calling their phone number. She repeated enough of his call for me to grok that he was stuck in traffic and on his way- I nodded and mouthed "OK!" to her.

But he wouldn't stop talking to her. I could see the tension mounting as she was hearing about things which she knew nothing about (some of which, I learned when he got there, I knew nothing about) and could do nothing about.  It was clear he would just go on all afternoon unless someone stepped in.

Someone did.  I waited until she started saying something to him (an old pro tip for getting rid of phone calls- cut the line while you're talking yourself), jumped up and pushed down the button in the cradle that hung up the call.  Eight pairs of eyes looked at me in shock; I just said, "It had to be done."  He wasn't even a client of hers or anyone's there- they let me use their place for my own clients occasionally when it's the most convenient. I was not going to let any more of that ruin a colleague's and friend's lunch, much less mine.  When the suddenness of it passed, other than people commenting on how red-faced I'd made the attorney on our end of the call (she is famously unrattle-able- and I did apologize to her later), they all appreciated that I'd done the right thing....

and I rode out the resulting contact high from that for the rest of a day that, objectively, never got much better after that.  But today did- and tomorrow night, when I go Meet the Mets again, I expect it will even more:)
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