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Renovation Wars Episode 5- The Freezer Strikes Back - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Renovation Wars Episode 5- The Freezer Strikes Back
In all the months of getting this kitchen done, we've yet to have a major setback. Deliveries were delivered; things fit; nothing failed to work, or come off, or go back on as planned.  To be quite literal, we still haven't had a significant problem with the renovation proper. No, we had to expand our definition of "kitchen" to screw things up.  It was a perfect storm of circumstance that did in an adjacent appliance.

I got home from my Met pilgrimage Saturday afternoon. By my count, the whole time away was around 30 hours, fully half of which were spent driving (or stopping briefly en route), five of which were spent sleeping, and roughly ten of which were devoted to Actual Things.  So that afternoon, and into Sunday, I was rather useless.  Eleanor was still busy with restoring moldings to above the cabinets, and that is most of what I saw her doing on Sunday. But when I got home, I noticed she'd parked Iggy in the driveway, and on opening the garage door, I saw why: she'd been spray-painting some metal gizmos planned for the final wall of the project. 

Thus, we were both parked outside for the rest of Saturday, Sunday and into Monday.  This, as they say, will be important later.  At some point Sunday, she went out to retrieve some soup stock from the full-size freezer we've had in our garage for about four years; it was a gift from our longtime neighbor Sally when she started breaking up housekeeping.  We ate inside that night, and we both did most of our Monday and Tuesday morning coming-and-going through the front door rather than the garage.

Final vital fact: it's been unseasonably warm the past several days.

I had early court today and got home from it, and the office, a bit before 1 p.m. Eleanor left (via the front door) a few hours earlier. Neither of us had likely been in the garage for well over 24 hours to see that the freezer door had been left ajar Sunday night, and we thus missed the sure signs of a problem: water on the floor in front of the freezer, closer to puddle than flood but still a bad sign; and the smell of Things Going Bad in probably 80F-or-higher temps.

I shut the door.  But the fun was only beginning.


We both had long afternoons- I had a late afternoon visit several towns over that wound up a fool's errand, and Eleanor had to work until 6.  I told her what had happened as soon as she got home, and she set out to start cooking what she could and tossing remnants that she couldn't save.

Unfortunately, some of those remnants wound up going down the new kitchen drain, which is now clogged beyond several hours of Drano.  This is also when we noticed that the outside freezer wasn't running anymore. Likely, it was killed by those almost 48 hours of trying to freeze the whole garage (I'm almost certain it was running when I shut the door, but it most certainly was not after we both got home).

So we started doing even more triage. Many things went into the (thankfully bigger) freezer compartment of the new fridge. A few went across the street to another neighbor, who in a fit of irony has virtually the identical Fridgidydaire over there.  The rest is out in a tote until Thursday morning, pissing off the varmints who would love to get in there and feast on it all.

You gotta look at the bright side. Most of what was in there was homemade, or at least home-stored; much of it, as well, was bought on sale; and the freezer itself owed us nothing and might not even be replaced anytime soon.  Still, it's a sobering reminder that the best-laid plans can go bad (see what I did there?) in the briefest moments of forgetfulness.

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yesididit2 From: yesididit2 Date: September 3rd, 2015 03:54 am (UTC) (Link)
oh no!
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