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Finishing what we started. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Finishing what we started.
Eleanor wound up taking the day off to tend to the plumbing issue and the cooking commitment that were both ancillary to yesterday's find of freezer and clog trouble.  I'd been committed for weeks to a Rochester court trip today and so was out of the loop for her efforts. On the sink end, those included removing the trap under the kitchen sink, and snaking as far as the snake would go- to no avail.  At that point, one calls for help, and fortunately it arrived today.  The backup was apparently just beyond the snake's reach, and was plainly the result of more than just the data that was downloaded yesterday.  It's also close enough to Labor Day weekend for us to count this as our traditional Holiday Disaster for this time round.

Other than court, I had the much less stressful finishing job. As I mentioned last week, I'd tracked down copies of music from a longlost Ithaca bar band which I followed and loved when I lived down there. The medium was vinyl-

- and there's no turntable in this house, much less anything to digitize from one. But- a kind and wired friend had the technology and offered to do it- and by the time I left Rochester today, I had playable versions of the one on the left (which I'd owned in that format until the ice storm of 1991) and the other one (which I'd only seen in stores once or twice before leaving Ithaca).

Oddly, the self-titled album, which was encased in plastic and seemed to be in better shape, wasn't; the disc itself had far more crackles and a few intro-skips. I didn't care; it was as I remembered it, and I spent my drive home singing along to original songs and covers that I hadn't heard in years.  The later one was in better shape; a couple of the songs (among my favorites of theirs) duplicated the original, but were arranged differently or slightly varied the lyrics. This one, I want to sit down and enjoy in a relaxed sitting with the words in front of me (the older one didn't have them, or liner notes, or much beyond basic track and personnel lists).

Along my quest, I heard from one of the band members (who is on Facebook but largely shut from friending or tagging) and the former business partner of the now and/or former wife of one of the other singers.  I now want to get in touch with both of them, to let them know that I've found this piece of my slightly misspent youth and that it makes me very, very happy:)  Best of all, neither turntables nor pipes were harmed in the making of this entry.
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