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The other kind of "long distance." - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
The other kind of "long distance."
In these instant-communication days, where even email seems dated compared to texts and snapchats and those other crazy things the kids are doin', it's unusual for exchanges to go for weeks, months, even years without resuming. Yet it happens- and it's always a nice feeling when it does.

Just from the past day or so:

- We heard from a longtime, longago LJ friend last night who I hadn't heard from in quite some time; my last email to her and her husband was just over a year ago. Yet we picked up pretty much right where we left off and have plans now to see them at the end of next month when they're headed this way.

- A Facebook group posted a picture of my ninth grade social studies teacher, who was pretty cool for faculty when we were there and now, still, looks about the same.  I instantly remembered things about his class and classroom that have probably not had the dust blown off them in over 40 years.

- And within the hour, I emailed my college roommate, to share some of the Ithaca stories from the past week, as well as some recollections about seeing the Red Sox last week (he and his wife are lifelong Nation members); I also sent one to the one singer from Desperado who I'd managed to connect with, right around four years ago, and again two summers ago. 

I will get responses- maybe not to all, but to enough.  Every connection goes at its own pace.

As for mine: it's late (for me, anyway), and so, goodnight:-)
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