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Tech-ing note of developments.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Tech-ing note of developments....
Eleanor got her laptop back tonight. Thanks to buying the purchase protection on it last year, the minions fixed whatever hardware issue was causing the touchscreen to go all psycho on her for the past few months, plus they repaired a few other things that weren't even reported.  Cost, including shipping: zero. Time from ship to return: barely more than a week. "Priceless" jokes to be overdone: none.

She had a long day today; mine, less so. Offices tend to get into Holiday Weekend Mode early, while retail gets nuttier. So I was in mostly catchup mode for the day while she was dealing with the usual nutjobs. That was enough for her to call mid-afternoon to request a late matinee of the Shaun the Sheep movie, which has been out for a few weeks.  I met her at the store at 4:30, and once Stupidhead found the wallet he left inside, we got there for a near-private screening right around 5.  One other family with some young kids was in there when we walked in; maybe two others came in late. But the kids were the touching contributors to a movie we enjoyed on its own merits well enough. Their little boy, maybe four, was rating the previews before the film started and thoroughly enjoyed the Feature Presentation- enough that he was literally dancing in the aisle during the closing credits.

It got me pretty nostalgiac. We've been watching Aardman animations- in theatres and on video cassettes- since Emily was as little as that kid was; and she's now not only approaching 24 years old but is fully qualified to work on one of these movies herself.  And that's not on account of it having thousands of CGI positions like many current animated features do: Shaun the Sheep's "digital" credits ran to perhaps a dozen names, while the film itself was animated almost entirely old-school: "Twenty animators worked on the film, each producing two seconds of footage per day."

Not a baaaad way to spend a late afternoon:)
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