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Love's Labour(Day)'s Lost - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Love's Labour(Day)'s Lost
I had the day off. Eleanor did not.  I still kept busy; between a 9 a.m. workout in a class that was supposedly full and waitlisted (but which I still managed to sign up for 30 minutes before the class, bumping the entire waitlist, including me) and watching the Mets beat their nearest opponent (assuring they will come out of DC with at least a three-game lead atop their division), I played with computers.

The computers mostly won:P

Eleanor got her laptop back on Friday. By yesterday, she was satisfied that the major problem had gone away, and after install/re-installing various programs on it, we connected the Passport drive to restore the backup that it had magically made right before the first attempt to fix it.  As in, the one where the hard drive was completely reset back to factory state.

The transfer seemed to go well enough, until we noticed last night that the first few spreadsheets she opened were short on data.  Months and months worth.  Then, it became clear that her photos had also been truncated back to the same time, and further that the ones she did appear to have were either encrypted (in her attempt) or not viewable at all (in mine).

Since I had the day off, I ran it back to the office place where we bought it, and hoped to find the guy who had been very helpful in trying to rule out software issues before it had to go offsite for a hardware rebuild. Her only cost for his attempt was a 12-dollar flash drive, which had "recovery" handwritten on it.  I tried reading the contents and saw a lot of .ini and other frightening-looking large files that I didn't want to mess with.

It took two trips over there, but we finally concluded that, no- the only thing that drive would "recover" would be "factory state" all over again. No data files to be found.

Next, I checked to see if we had ever turned on Microsoft's version of the cloud- they confusingly call it "SkyDrive" in some places and "One Drive" in others- to see if anything had been uploaded there.  As of today, stuff can be sent there, but nothing before today had been.  (They also make it disgustingly difficult to set your computer to automatically send documents to the cloud; seemingly, the only way to do it is to make One Drive your default file location, which invites the opposite issue if you get locked out of your cloud access.)

The good news is that she does have most of her photos still on the camera's SD card, at least going back to the point at which she was backed up; she'll need to solve the encryption issue with the Passport support people tomorrow.  Beyond that, it's four months of lost spreadsheet data- really three, because with all the renovation in high gear last month, she got behind in entering a lot of the receipts and movie titles we went through in those weeks.

We've endured worse- but with so much technology available and integrated, it's sad it's made so difficult to Back Stuff Up- the one thing we know we HAVE TO do.


On the brighter side, I succeeded at some other computer tasks. Two friends from here have journals run through WordPress- one by thediva_laments has essentially replaced that site, while ecosopher's is a supplemental one to her blog here. They have both now been syndicated onto LJ, so you can add them to your friendspages here and follow along. (Warning: the first "fetch" often brings in dozens or more entries all at once, but after that it settles down). The feed names:

for Diva's- kellyandgeoff

and for Ecosopher's- climbingbean

And Bec's first entries have already shown up:) Off to read....
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ecosopher From: ecosopher Date: September 8th, 2015 05:02 am (UTC) (Link)
Aw, aren't you wonderful?! I'll repost this on my LJ too :)
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