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This is why I don't bet on sporting events.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
This is why I don't bet on sporting events....
And you can- sort of.  There's one, and only one, form of nationwide legalized sports betting in this country, and it's fantasy sports. It came out of a bizarre 2006 federal law designed to shut down offshore poker-type sites but codified an exception that permitted outright gambling on real players' performances in real time as long as the "teams" were phony combinations of those real players.  It took almost ten years for the phenomenon to go beyond small, nerdy leagues, but there are now million-to-billion-dollar operations under names like Fan Duel and Draft Kings, as well as contests associated with the likes of Yahoo, which are all-in on offering big cash prizes for relatively small stakes in putting these teams together.

I've always passed in the Internet age.  I cut my teeth on this phenomenon in my teens, never wagering or winning/losing a dime off it, but I lost enough games to know that the Luck is not strong with this one.

Today, though, the Luck was not strong with the Indianapolis Colts, either. Andrew Luck, probably the best new quarterback to join the league in the past 10 years, was flummoxed by Buffalo's defense all afternoon, while our Somebody's Gotta Start choice for the job, a former Baltimore backup nobody here had heard of until this spring, outplayed him and won the game outright despite the oddsmakers and most media pundits picking the Bills to lose by more than a 1-3-ish point spread.

I couldn't bear to watch or listen for most of the game. The hype machine has been in stupid gear for weeks, and trips yesterday to Wegmans and today to the gym were full of enough pre-game hype to turn me off.  Still. I loves me my underdogs, and as long as the Bills are one (as they will certainly be against the New England Cheatriots here next Sunday), I'm in the conversation.


When the Bills game finished, I checked the online baseball scoreboard and saw the Mets were down three runs to the Braves, with one man on but two outs in the top of the ninth.  I posted about the blue-moon quality of their loss and how it was no big deal, and set out to pick up John Pizzarelli's jazz album of McCartney covers (excellent:) and some decadent cheesecake from a local bakery (closed:P).

Imagine my surprise, on returning home, to discover that they not only got that one runner home while down to their final out, but also plated the two remaining tying runs in the ninth and a winning run in the tenth.  Magic number goes to 11.  This team is not only exceeding expectations, but exceeding wildest dreams.

Will I be watching both of these lovable losers over the coming week(s)? You betcha.
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